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I will most likely buy Esther now just for the scenery and those shadow people. That's creepingly awesome.

Andrea Valle


Chicken Butt

Why does this remind me of hatchet

Joshua Tindugan

I'll just leave a comment.

Rizky Maulana


V.I.F speedyboy

Santa was panda


All the dislikes are they Brian's with a y . (bryan)

mimi badey

This is REALLY inspired, more people should watch

Crazy Luciano

Brazilian perfect,but i am Brazilian

yaseen mohsen

This is amazing 👍

Carson Saxton


Takara Head

Sub to me

cravingAavocodoForlife INhELL

Make a wedding cake for a wedding ( or not for a wedding)

Tommy Roberts

I didn't know his voice till now but love your videos bro keep the good work I always do some Easter eggs on games I have that you made videos of lol I see them for me self they are really cool.

Adrian Neibauer, EdD

Dude Perfect, I think you should come to our school district and film students designing and executing trick shots.I would love to help you all organize a mini-dude-perfect event in our school district in Colorado.Imagine getting thousands of students (K-5) together to practice their trick shots, and then analyzing the footage using STEM!I think it could be a fantastic educational experience for students.Can we chat on the phone some time soon?

jeffery duck

dude your videos are awesome i was wondering… have you found any new battle field 4 easter eggs

Faded CherryBlossom

Will this item be in creative?

คุณชาย ดังใจ


Hillary Trump

I like watching the game easter egg videos

Paula Tygret

Hey dudeget it

Aidan Williams

I'm from Dallas as well


I'm really glad you made the dude perfect game because it's really fun I'm on the city level/section :)


nope. its animation.


ember_ lynn

All you see is Caveira turn the corner at a fast rate.

Ryon Little

Red team

jono walker

did world at war always look that shit?

Thanks Nintendo 👍🤣


Cory wins yes haha

cooking mango

Im also in mma


This is how I feel. It’s been like this for several years.

Aena Nicole

Nice shot🏁🏁😎😎O o o

Blue Creeper Gaming

Christmas story

Lawaski Chisolm

Ironman vs Captain America

Pineapple Town

11:12 NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!


NO! NOT THE BABY! those guys trade me pacifiers for milk

ฤทัยทิพย์ พัดประดิษฐ์


Inventors Workshop



The 10 million shot isnt even that far!

raps Hamilton


Jen is so cute Dx

Logan Holliday

do a video with Paul Goldschmit.

can i get 10,000 subs for no reason?

anyone else here in 2019?