you could stop at five or six stores

or just oneexplanation:

Soy Jake


Tiny Butterfly

I entered my story, when will it be read?

Deadpoolio The Amazing

Oh no........ the nightmares are back, the flashbacks are returning. God help us all

Aoi Aoi

I'm sure the story is about a Korean girl


Wear lots and lots of foundation 😅

Ethan LosAnglesLakers

Is anyone watching this in 2016 2017 or 2018

Jack Schullo

Does anyone hate Cody like I do

Caitlynn Brousseau


opening kings

Can you do another overtime

ColourBlind 24

I swear I've heard that "wilheim scream" in almost every movie and I've heard it in a few games too

• Zarah •

I lost my grandad to a deadly car accident 3 months ago. Nothings been the same. He was about to turn 70 in a few weeks. He left too early. I don't have a grandad anymore. It doesn't feel real tho. When i talk about him sometimes i forget he's gone. The worst part is that there's a war in my country so no one took the person that killed my grandad to jail. I couldn't go attend his funeral. I had try get my my mum back, her face was pale, she didn't eat for days and she wore the same clothes as the night we got the news. I had to get my mum out of her state i called her friends over to comfort her. I was scared. It happened on eid day. Thats why eid will never be the same again. Something will always be missing. My life been a mess and i honestly dont know how to cope.

Mirjana L.

Coby will win


acie law is killing it with those garbage minutes. did carter even get drafted? bullit is pretty good for an undrafted special teams player. if it weren't for his blog, no one would know bennett. jerrod johnson's career w/l has gotta be back to .500! congrats. you can name athletes from your school, can anyone else?


UNICORN GLITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😂

zak cudney

Steelers are the best team ever in nfl


Is that meo

Skyrim : "hold my disk"

Gavrilo Spasovic

i like them jesus why did i mess upoh yeah i just realised that i am almost 9 i am 8

Ava Casten

Nobody likes you


a new video 4 years ago

Ateez is Everywhere

we're so close to 3M! Atiny fighting!

Marvelous Matthew B

If your a fan of the purple hoser like |

Justin Neerson

Watch super Carlin brothers teaser trailer reaction their prediction was perfectly on que

James ML player Fanny gameplay

I subscribe

Zachary spiller

You I’m glad your ok

Amiga Rules! ^_^

Ty Lee

Did Jay just say "in his bag"

slice pioe

@sk8rjake122 learn how to spell

EvTheBoss 1122

Who else seen that coming

Gerardo Cervantes

Who’s in side of panda like if you want to know


lol telekinesis

Add 5 to it

Ellabella wolf power


Linh An NG

Prince is amazing not only he learn new lessons throughout his life to apply but he wants us to apply lessons to our own life

(I hate my self ;-; )

Scarlett Amelia

This made me cry I had to hide from my mum ;(

Eliya GG 531

Where garret


I can't stop watching your videos, They are like an addiction, but a good addiction I guess?

You’re going to be deported...


Okay, i heard you out. It didnt help and you should be ashamed for doing this to your wife. If i was her i'd never let you back in my life. Things get hard in marriage, people fight. You made a commitment to her, and you cant just give up if things get hard, jerk. You put your wife and family through hell just so you could have sexy fun time with a random stranger. You're incredibly selfish. Why'd you even get married if you werent committed to her? Marriage is supposed to mean you love someone forever. I would never let you come back if you did this. I wasnt good enough for you so you left and now you want me back? Nope.

Nuddle KID

ive read this in a book called when the worst happend

Hera luna

Love you guys you guys are so funny especially j fred


if irving and love didn't get hurt... the only rings gsw has is with KD

Deegan Mason

Rip 😢 the old guy

Matthew Salas

Raiders need him

Infinite Void

Jaiden: ok...

Hey it's Juris Prudence

The grandpa looks like Albert Einstein.

Andrew Quartararo

Coming back to this now (July 2017).... Brodie's girlfriend is wayyyy hotter than Taylor.Major props.

Poley Productions

Get rid of Ty now. He cannot be in the stereotypes, he destroys everything. Kick him out now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Besircan Caliskan

2:00 if harden made that in a game this season no one would be suprised

Brabusins Geimo

Subskribe my chanal

Buy her stuff