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Georgie Blue

Where’s pandas dad

- lamelo ball

Paradox Apollo

KSI probably thinks that his money is a personality trait.

Evan Tindall11

dumbass it was real


So much countless feminists in here


What’s March Madness?


This video was so easy to do I can do all of this

Angela W

Me: Woah am I in the future? This thumbnail is crazy

Ella Grande

Where are those two people who looked like Anna and Kristoff?!

Jloud Loudermelk

Hey can I have your guns please and the tanks

L_Tabberer 007

You should do one with Rooney


Please do one of these challenges they are sooo funny


I'm crying omgg

Jess Symm

I’m honestly terrified of cancer. It’s not fair that people should experience it

Lautry Gg

Alguno habla español??

Y e n

Must have felt cool when he flew back from the strike like in the air!

Manohar Photography

low to high was the best

Ty Lito

The odell alley oop isnt a trick shot lol objs throw was on point thooo


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Canadian Cruelty

Those McElroy boys are good good boys

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athanasia columbus

Max STFU....Kawhi is great but he can't stop KD Nobody Can!

Abandoned Channel

Her eyes make me wanna explode-

igi Oliver

where's kyrie, westbrook and kawhi

Far as they are Concern.

Waylon Fisher


Kevin Razo

Finally a video

Helen Olsesski

The words didn't come out. I tried talking to my mom and I just said "You look nice today!".

Bich Hang phang

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Diego Salas

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Ghj Ghbv

I’m my sleep, I grabbed I knife and almost killed my brother (who I hated very much at that time) but luckily my dad was still awake so he stopped me. If my dad wasn’t awake, my brother would have died, and I would be in jail.

Dark Knight

I don't fear death I fear life I dont fear ghost I fear humans ghost can't hurt me humans can

Sami Sadeghi


Mr Cat Person

Same here sisterrrrr he called me a fricken meatball ❤

Xxdëäd_røšëśxX Broken child

I really hate North Korea,it’s just a bad place..and I hope all the people there are some what safe trying not to cry 😭

Sadye Bustillo

Watches “Minutes Videos” for 6:15 Minutes

Saba S

Who’s watching in 2018 if you are like.


Was that fun on the run paintball you went to in Fort Worth Texas ?

Elijah Bockheim

Put water in it not Gatorade dude perfect come on I want some Gatorade

And so did you

Duco Schoordijk

Thee arent going the Dutch way i live in Amsterdam en at school we get lessons on this subject erosion had Notting to do with Climate change it is natural the harder the object the more erosion there is on the surrounding, the best way of defending is making a so called soft coast dunes and in Dutch called a vooroversupletie.

Itz Lemon


Reckless HassleTM

Seems like a storytelling novel, not a real life event, but eh-

mythic bacon

My dad died to of liver failure I can relate

Josh Pettitt

Only just found your vids but you've earned a sub

100,000 Subscribers with One YouTube video

Ricardo didn’t win because dude perfect has Like A 10,000 trick shots that were successful

Gabriel Blas

There's no fucking way they don't use those enhanced dittos in the Pokemon World version of Amsterdam for "you know what reasons". ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Make sure to check up on your friends and don't be afraid to talk about how you feel depression is no joke.

Ekin Mod

Pause 0:46...?

faltu fans

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Meow Shalom



1:08isnt that the chinese character for 4?

Tanner Koren

If I did it I would run