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Exercise is good for the heart and makes you look good. However, there are much more compelling reasons to exercise regularly.▲Patreon: human brain is an exceedingly complex organ, and while we don't fully understand it, it is what we have to use to understand and interact with the world around us. Research is showing that there is a very powerful connection between the nervous system and movement. Exercise has been shown to facilitate the growth of new neurons, paving the way for greater intelligence. If this was interesting, I highly recommend checking out John Ratey's "Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain" Exercise's crappy and unfair marketing2:23 Why do we have brains?4:39 More exercise = Better Test Scores5:21 BDNF - "Miracle Gro" for the Brain 6:36 Our human body: The IF THEN system8:10 Arnold Schwarzenegger, productivity genius8:44 Brain's reward center & Dopamine10:45 Exercise alleviates depression & anxiety11:30 Exercise alleviates the negative effects of stress13:15 How can improving your life in virtually every way not be at the top of your to-do list?For Business Inquiries: joseph.everett.wil@gmail.com

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Same, I'm a girl and I'm 10. I usually play football with the boys and Idk why then cheer for me while we was playing. I don't need cheering. I can play like a boy, I could tackle any boys from the other class.(BTW, it's class vs class). Some of my friends (that are girls) tell me not to play because the boys don't pass the ball to me even when every one else is marked. Then, what I said surprised her. "I don't care! I do what I want to do. No matter what. "Then, she walked away. I want a body of a boy. But, I am a girl so I like a boy that I play football with. Btw, I'm from Hong Kong and I THINK the boy I like has a crush on me.

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