Why Do Slovakia & Slovenia Have Such Similar names?

Subscribe: time for another video! If you guys haven't realised I've been attempting to make videos more regularly. I'm actually trying to keep to a schedule. The aim is a video on the 5th and 20th of every month. I can't promise I'll be able to stick to it as different videos take a difference amount of time to create. Let's say the 5th and/or 20th of every month? Or just whenever, I don't now. YouTubes hard.SOURCES & FURTHER READINGSOURCESBattle of the Somme: Ernest BrooksHot Topic: BrokenSphereCech on Rip Mountain: Josef Mathauser Austrian-Hungaray Cemetery: Bálint ZoltánCoins: Svilpe"Thatched Villagers"Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Solman :3

2019 ?

Mebrat Ibrahim

how come this is my first time e seeing this



Early Man

Why is Tony upset? He won that fight and he was winning the fight? Bruh Tony the type of dude to feel sad even if he wins.

claudia cruz

fun with guru is the best


So who’s excited for the Breath of the Wild Sequel? Nintendo defs won e3

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You should make giant deep fried Oreo

Sarvin Nepal

7:01 it’s proved Ty’s a ninja

Hazza Cool man

So, basically I watched this a few months earlier. 3 days after, I got sick, ( u know what’s gonna happen ) I went to someone known as the witch doctor. Oh wow we got to the chemist and she said ‘ When do you need this?’ My mum said: ‘ oh whenever ‘ thank gosh we knew her because she actually gave me a prescription FOR A 3 YEAR OLD AND NEEDED TO BE INJECTED! Mate she REALLY Earned her title there.

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This video is 5 years old POG

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i don't have a smartphone too and i am 15 XD

michael vang


Smerin 13

Tree loop swishing hoop shot

owen berkley

skeet battle hehehehehehehehehh

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That’s why I love my dog so much she just makes me happy when I’m having an episode too. Dogs can be a female best friend too.



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dude perfect is awesome!

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the first one can be even crazyer then that .. just shoot all balls to the toilet 


Sometimes a Step Mom can be more of a mother to you then your biological mother is.

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And I mean he is really awesome

Isla Gibbon



What about the Multiplayer Easter Egg


Anyone watching in 2020?

Red Fox Delta

Lol I was in a match with the mind blowing knife and people were just throwing them around everywhere :D

not a single soul:

Litening Volt

I feel like they spent more time on the intro than the actual trick shots

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Ugli is you