Who Stole My Lunch? Blippi Children's Problem Solving Video

Blippi detective joins the real police department to investigate who stole his lunch. This Blippi video your child will find clues along the way to lead to who took Blippi's lunch. You will see a real police dog, a police car, a police motorcycle, and even go inside a real evidence room! Thank you to the Olympia police department! To watch more Blippi videos for children like this Blippi police investigation video head to all Blippi videos in playlist:

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Amazing Girl

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I enjoy your videos Guru !!

Gustav Jeff

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Layla and Lily’s Channel


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Gaming with Dhairya

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Funwhithguru in the movie let me in found a easter egg from the movie oddiesea

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Final comment, do you ever play horror games without the the 'danger' sound effects turned off. It makes the game ten times scarier, as you're literally walking into the unknown.

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DrewDat Tube

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