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p hill

wow that was high


Coby won something.But it was a girl🤣🤣

Alexis Camacho

Dammit ubisoft, u make easter eggs about mlp thats gay shit right there



Colton Wiemers

You are the bestI’m talking about Tyler Your the best

Piotr Sulej

I think there might be a reference to watch dogs when you drive in metro too- the guys sitting there is very similar to the guy from watch dogs.


Bone Gang? Pffft. They're nothing like the the Tunnel Snakes. TUNNEL SNAKES RULE!

Rick Mounting

U real name is....? Where are u from? How are u old?

Radeon Mask

Кто русский

Prasanna Pillai

Why doesn't Gar do a slam dunk?

SamS dz

plot twist : the player is the bad guy ...


He would have been a nice player for the Cardinals, too bad the poor guy has concussion issues.

RIP Dad I love you

bloodykills 750

Holy shit Elsa looks amazing in that suit😀

rainbow g

Ok mas onde ta a bela adormecida

joe moore

go to the empire state building and make that shot!

Pickle Games


🧔🏻 http://Instagram.com/TylerNToney

Callums corner stream highlights

Where are the battlefield 1 Easter eggs?

One handed increased to 97...


if u watch it closey the wind puches the ball

Roblox Anthony24

first one to reply is gao

Shwana Ahmed


Sujata Singh

Cricket while spinning

Skillz Productions

2019 Boys

Not a soul:

Crofton Smith

that crack's me up

kitty playz youtube

Are you a boy or girl?

YouTuber Anco


My thoughts on this open relationship is why don’t your parents just remain good friends and co-parent while being in a relationship with their respective partners. That just seems way easier to me.

Makayla Sejkora


I am not skinny nor chubby I'm morbidly obese so let's fuking gooo ana

Be thankful you just lost your hair..Get well soon 💕

tyson aiman ali

"Time for me to hit the weights!"

Lily Cam

Ten views OMG I'm here

Savannah Muncy

Treyarch is the best. 

love of fan!

Kiwi Chan

Almost cried cause it made me think of my grandpa

Jamie Stum

hi owen.

Colleen Burns

You guys should do dunk tank fifa 2

Mr. RK

Wow. Awesome . Love for Game Lovers❤❤🇮🇳🇮🇳

deadly poison 9000

2019 anyone?

Cora Dotson

It honestly sounds like ur the jerk


I think girl but I want u guys to have boy so bad 😩😩❤️❤️🥰 lol so I’m team boy💙

Chetanya Bhargava

Great dp you should try it with rafa too

Asta Wolfe

This might be the first BL game that I've played where I won't main siren.

Thomas King

It’s good that there happy

Ethan Wojnovich

Who's watching for 2018

Ameer Salim

I don't get 8.

Brandon Wiley

Hose under pandas mask

ღ ᴄʜɪᴍ ᴄʜɪᴍ ღ

Can you do signs of asthma, please?

StellaWolf36 Kitty

I see Tom I click

Jay Taylor

giant Nerf


Im just here to watch and tell rett that ignore the dislikes because you know what i think your awesome and even if im the last person left to watch this show i wouldnt change my mind, keep it up i love every second of your show

Briana Bradley

She was 17.. how is she too young?! What if she was out with friends and needed to call for some reason and she couldnt use a friends phone?