What The Last 24 Hours of Death Row Prisoner Look Like in 2019

It's 2019 and death row is still a thing in the united states for prisoners. In today's animated educational video, let's take a look at what the last 24 hours look like for a death row prisoner in the united states in 2019.🎬 MAKE VIDEOS LIKE OURS We use Envato Elements for vectors, templates, music and other things ► software I use Adobe Creative Cloud (After Effects & Illustrator), You can get it from here SUBSCRIBE TO US ► MY SOCIAL PAGESFacebook ► ►SUGGEST A TOPICSOURCES:

Elaine Engel

go at the time of the vid in 6 min and 52 sec a ty is flossing in the back round

Sophia Luo

i despise children with every fibre of my body but this made me feel horrible ;-; Adoption tho? Im only gonna adopt if i have to have children


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Magic Messi


Sky Raven

Before watching the video:


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mohamed yaseen

Am I right it took u 2 days. For the sling shot trickshot

Spam mail

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Jethro Dabuan

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Ashlyn Hackler

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Adomas Silinskas

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Jessica Alvarado

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Nico Papuga 2 point 0

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Mantis TTW

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Michael perfect jr

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