What Started the World War I? | Educational Videos for Kids

The First World War and the Russian Revolution were two particularly bloody events which marked the beginning of the twentieth century. SUBSCRIBE ▶ MORE ▶ US:Facebook ▶ ▶ ▶ to Creators365, where emotion is learning to create. Here you will find the most important content for school subjects: Math, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Language.Find us at: funniest learning social network in the world!


oh but loooooooooooook!!! HALO forver, cant wait until the goat returns. this game saved my mental state when my father was killed in the WTC attacks. this game was all i played to stay sane. thank you!!!! I would love to apply for marketing in 343.


Twins rock


What an odd egg. The video is tiny and without sound and explanation.

Dana Karmella Tamayo

Was I watching Kdrama just now?

Hollie Scweitz

I'm adopted my mom and dad said that that didn't what to see me and my adopted mom and dad said that I have tow sister but I have never seen them before 🙀🙀🙀

freddy the sith

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Good song man so DP

Read them in the same order they are in. :))

Sport Cards


yisimi jager/ann

Are videos like this needed? I am adopted myself and videos like these paint being adopted or adopting someone wrong.

A Person

What this girl just said to her friend is that she disagrees with her very existence and personality (she was likely LGBT and was trying to see if her friend supported her decision). This woman could not understand basic social cues and realize that 'hmm, perhaps this person might be at the very least supportive of the LGBT community,' but no. Not even with the probable background knowledge of the person from the years she had known her as a friend could she recognize this.

Ariya Prasarttongosoth


Zach Michael

2:14 wow the perfect cut

Potat Boi


Farrel daffi

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TA Qui

Hay thật đấy

Francis Gavin

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Rosa Sanchez

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Benn Uchiha




Light Inside The Darkness

niqqa created amazon

Aknija The water Bearer

Be proud to be asian in a white environment, your special. asian's rule man.