What’s In My School Backpack 2019! | Lexy Rodriguez - YouTube

Hey guys! it's Lexy Rodriguez here a 17 year old Filipina YouTuber! Showed you guys the things that are inside my school backpack!School Supplies Haul ⇢ Stationery ⇢ @smstationeryph #LexyRodriguez #WhatsInMyBackpack #BackToSchool》♡ 》♡ 》♡ 》♡ 》♡ 》♡ 》 Let's be besties:F B P A G E ⇢ N S T A G R A M ⇢ W I T T E R ⇢ 》♡ 》♡ 》♡ 》♡ 》♡ 》 B U S I N E S SI N Q U I R I E S ⇢ lexyrodriguezz@gmail.com》♡ 》♡ 》♡ 》♡ 》♡ 》♡ 》D I S C L A I M E R :This video is sponsored by SM Stationery.

Ralof Of Riverwood

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heather martinez

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Emmie Covers

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Good Time Production

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Faith Hernandez

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kippy 1237

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Jesús estrella y ali los brother y sisters

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P.S please tell me in wich town you lived :3

Dark Vampire

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Thereal ZSG

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