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What PAKISTANI People know about India or What PAKISTANI People think about INDIA? 🔴 SUBSCRIBE to SabbyBG Your Indian Abroad :- went out and asked them 10 questions. You will be pleasantly surprised to know how well do Pakistani know Indians. Welcome to the 15th Episode of Sabby On The Street Show, a show where Sabby travels abroad and get Global Perspective of Foreigners on India and anything Indian. FOLLOW ME ON: Instagram:- I USE:-Sony Camera: Laptop: Portable Mic: Mic: Software: WATCH: Best of SabbyBG : Channel:- BUSINESS INQUIRIES -- OfficialSabbyBG@gmail.comSUPPORT SabbyBG Your Indian Abroad by smashing that LIKE Button and Sharing the video with your social circle. 🔴 SUBSCRIBE to SabbyBG Your Indian Abroad :- vs Pakistan has always been a big thing. People think that Indians hate Pakistani people and Pakistani people hate Indians. Its not true. We love each other and this video try to end some misconceptions.#SabbyOnTheStreet #SabbyBGYourIndianAbroad

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