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Quien se pasa por mi canal?

Maddie Grace

That was awsome and cool 😎😀😁😃☺🙂


No crash bandicoot easter egg?

Roels Gamingtv channel

The face of the guy lol

Sunita Solanki


Bee Gamer

whelp second placce

Simon Alexander

This rage monster made me cry😭

Soy Jake


Jackson Brodnax

Man I would love to go skiing with Dude Perfect

Shiro Kisetsu

Ok.... I'm confused but... I'll watch

บุญมี กองสุข


Christopher Graham

i have a poster of you guys\ team coby

Lynn Sassone


Grayson Loar

If you are doing a gender reveal call rick


Guru. In the woods, you dont play as Joels daughter. (SPOILER ALERT) Don't you remember that she gets shot?

Mathias Raja


BUN9M3M3_ 12321

29:12 Probably regretted already.

Well not all day since I have school or if we’re going out some were or if I have nothing to play


"the Jetstream shot" think how far the ball would have gone had they actually been using one of the engines

Julian Rivera

Guru can you just send me a playlist of your instrumentals I need more


hm. i cant even teach over the net...

The chosen one Halo

5:15-5:50 1,2,3,4 how many zombies are near my store hey nooo my donuts!!

My mind:

Joe Kerr

Is Doom 3 any good? It looks scary AF

the challengers

Do a video with eli manning

leslie korff

When my grandpa dies...I’ll most likely pass out.

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Stay awesome

shanti j

"Hello hello hello hello HELLO" youre hilarious i had to rewatch to understand what that was hinting at!


Some color choices don't really seem to fit, just my opinion though.

Mr. Âkash

Go for Plastic surgery

Gabriel Valentim

I was just waiting see the Elsa in the sand castle, kissing Aurora 💔

Trey Lowe

Is anyone else reminded of John Wicke or is it just me...? Just me? Okay, I’ll see myself out...


nice ending 👍🏻

Aggro Khyil

Cody and Noel are Visual Representation of my last 2 BRAIN CELLS.


Can someone if possible send me a link to beating the easter egg in this map. I have only been able to do about half of it due to the fact I dom't have people to play with. I really need help on it if you could do this it would be greatly appreciated.

Muhdie Bodoamat

2019 ??🤔


don't let Hila get fat

Goldie the cat

Everybody are good and special in something


There are quite a few cool little references in Rage such as the Wolfenstein and Doom rooms like the Quake one, and a Fallout and Doom marine bobble head respectively, but the Quake room has to be the coolest one of them all.

joshua18 Bradipo

The last was realy creepy.. He is still alive asking help.. but we are burning them.. THIS IS A FKNG GOOD GAME!! IT HALF LIFE!

Dakota Rand

How it’s old school edition u should of done trick shots you did a long time ag

Chef Ash

One of my music dream collabs finally happened 😓🔥

Juan Pedro López Díaz Pintado

U guys should call Lars Andersen

Deepika Nayyar

next would be of best cricketer


I'm not going to watch this video and go right out and say no. It's not.


Somehow I hated this stereotype


TRYHARD: It's not fair when you use an aimbot. (destroys computer)Mom: timmy what happened to my new laptop?TRYHARD: dudeperfect did it!!!!!

sophie pianoheart

That video is so misunderstood. Its not about what the girl did was right or not, actually it never points out the answer only from the girls point of view. It has some deeper meaning, which is the acceptence of other people opinion. If she wasn't asked, i dont think she would ever bring up the topic, she was actually passive about it. Plus at the end of the video she says herself that she didnt express herself correctly. Jeez, she is a child, its kind of a new situation to her, to all of us, maybe she never had friends with different sexual interests. How can we expect a correct argue or opinion in a young age? Arguing helps to develop yout own opinions, but if you are literally bullied becouse you had your version, you will never ever learn to deal with situations like the whole LGBTQ thing. I would never hurt them verbally or phisically, but there are things that are hard to tolerate, not only from them but also other groups of the sociaty. Hungary is relatively a conservative country, where sexuality is your own problem, noone else cares about it until you dont start to be harsh about your opinion. No one cares about your opinion until you dont try to force it or say it like there is no other option. So please, dont see things so black and white.

how can I kill this person

Dark Fox


Falkerwy Scray


aBeEcEeDeeEeFGee yeet

1:36 help I have all the symptons but I don't thinks its healthy cuz im 11...

Marcos Napan Suseta

Ya salió en español?☺️

The Mighty

Next video use subtitle again plz subtitle Indonesia ty

Nadim Ahmed Tomal

background song is very amazing 😍😍


OMG, I feel soooooooooooooo bad. I really need to stop complaining about the small things in my life


What's your favourite flavour of ice cream?:)


FIRS wait im not gay