Watch the Tigers reaction as they are getting new toys ! - YouTube

Getting home.Bussy repairing their roof!I make a noise again and Diego gets a freight!What colour do tigers prevere ?Toys for tigers!Rescuing lizardsMerry Christmas everyone!

Jenifer Huff

I’m sad James is gone

Charles McLeod 2

My friend and I would love if u would give us a go pro

Weaver Chipmunk

Dang this was deep

Audrey Phipps

Dolan twins and Emma merch needs to happen

Nithish Magician

I Loved Floaty Hair Dryer Chip Shot!!!!4:48



Lori Pike

Go red team

Dante Irizarry

i like pandas

Anthony Donadio

What the hell is up with all these song Easter Eggs. Did the developers want to put it as music for when there'd be a battle and just went "Nah, lets put these songs in almost all of the Easter Eggs in the game".


lol is that the only excuse you can come up with

Like and reply if u really want them to make one

i usually feel like when i tell people about it people will think i just want attention or something


The very last you said that worm looks like from the visitors online games

Taylor Jones

i dont think its faked, but they could take as many shots as they need to get it right.

brianna renee

why'd I feel lowk smart watching this


that stanley parable is really scary easter egg i was too afraid to do this easter egg by myself

Mark Barnes

It's not a golf club thought, it's a piece of one inch square tubing (1/4 inch wall), with a 8 inch piece of 2 inch (1/4 inch thick) flat bar welded to it. the whole thing weighs about 18 pounds, a far cry from a 2 lb 8 oz Golf club. Little difference in knetics, don't you think.

Haris Rathore

Who else guess it right?

Donnixz is pro

Second i dont know


I don't have a PS4 or any next Gen console...