Volcanoes for Kids | A fun and engaging introduction to volcanoes for children

Our Volcanoes for Kids video is a fun and engaging way tointroduce volcanoes to children.In this video kids will learn all about volcanoes and take away some fun interesting facts everyone should know.We learn what a volcano is, the difference between Magma and Lava, the different types of volcanoes, where they located, and much much more! We hope you enjoy our volcanoes for kids video.This video is designed to be a teaching resource for k-6 classrooms and at home learning.Subscribe to our channelto be notified when we release new videos! You can also find us at the following channelsFacebook:you a K-6 grade teacher or homeschooling parent looking for more teaching resources?We don’t only provide video content but high quality lesson plans as well.Our lessons are 100% free with handouts, worksheets, classroom activities and more!Check us out!Science Lesson Plans: Science Videos: you for following Clarendon Learning. Clarendon Learning is a non-profit that was organized with the sole purpose to aid in the education and strengthening of America’s youth. Clarendon Learning hopes to create bright futures for children across the country by supporting teachers and parents, and developing high quality educational content for kids.

OBEY Quazi

Coby dropping the ball in the intro 😂

Forced Sanity

Illuminated eyes. A reference to certain games like illuminati

Sam G-Man


If Master Builder is coming to main village ,so does it means there's something special and new Building coming to Main Village?

NTS Azazel

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gacha sunny

If she gaves the phone to her parents..... How did she send this to the channel?....

Gero Z

2:09 my heart stopped beating for a sec

Devildaily Official

I Never Fear Death Coby:*Starts Clapping*

Steven Dunlap

Lol, the good thing about these tricks is if you miss you don't break anything.

Vice FiftyEight


Tahlia Soliman


Peter Jones



This actually happened to me once ;-;

CreepA_ 89

nice memes, pal.

Farhana Elias

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Wise turtle

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Thomas Ollard

1:47 In fact this line is for you Guru ^^

Gavin Devine

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Long Beach Dabzzz

This song shouldve been a hour long

Zaynpoopinhispants Syed

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So It's time to hunt the Pizza Planet Car on the next Pixar Films (Y) 

ali peresix

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Leshia Gentry

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Jennifer Faircloth

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Can you guys make a video with Logan Paul

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Epic Jokester

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Nestor M

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Mary Roppel

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Vid Laugh

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Dane Johnson

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Not so subtle foreshadow? 1:45????