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For one-to-one Skype classes, whatsapp +91 7708555871 or email enquiry@pratibhamusic.comFollow us on Facebook -www.facebook.com/Pratibha.Music Website - www.pratibhamusic.comThis exercise is very effective for voice control, better pitching and vocal range. Hope you enjoy this!


Black Lagoon Death Squad

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Make sure to check up on your friends and don't be afraid to talk about how you feel depression is no joke.

And sometimes I prick my finger and suck the blood out of it. So sorry for my grammar. xD

smug cat

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Diana Hundi

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Ulf Hanebutte

Dont give up your live you are amazing


Guys buzfeed and tasty must merge bc there both good channels


I have panic attacks at school due to the smallest things. I’ve been bullied for the past couple years, so whenever someone says something that reminds me of it I burst into tears and my mind races and I can’t really take deep breaths. People call me a crybaby, and I always have to go to the nurse whenever I have them because I feel sick. Hope you enjoyed reading this group of sad words!

Amazing videos4u

Garrets fail


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Nobody at all:

Thomas Dransfield

You guys have to be the the best in the world at what you do, by far!


shi no numa

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1:43 Running home to his momma!

Jack Varden


Andy Beltre02

Like si repite la musica mile de veces

Thicc Boii

Love your vids guru <3

3williamsonkiddos *

9:43. TRUE LOVE 💖

Vamsy Ajay Bolla

Are they going on a search and rescue of their parents who are alive and stuck somewhere?

Story Time

Hey, they were in Plano high school. That's where my uncles went to school

Josue Rivas

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Ashley Portillo

Everyone say that Cory should win is true but this is false they say that tyler win just cause he is the "leader"


Thats why Dat neck though.....

Yara Oliveira


Motabbir Hussain