Zoo Talkers Zoo Animals! Learn Animal Names and Sounds. Fisher Price Little People Zoo Animals

Please turn on Close Captions for a better experience. .SUBSCRIBE for FREEFARM ANIMALS!Price Learning Zoo animals and ABCFisher Price Little People Zoo Talkers is a great play set for kids to learn the names of animals and the sound that the animals make. The playset comes with Lion, Polar Bear, Gorilla figures and a Zookeeper Zack figure. We added more animal figures to the set! A Zebra, Seal, Flamingo, Bear, Penguin, Elephant, Ostrich, Rhinoceros, Sea Turtle, Hippopotamus, Tiger, Leopard, and an Orangutan. All these animals have a unique shape at the bottom so when you use the red stand and press the animal down, it is able to recognize which animal it is and says the animal name and when you press down again, it makes the animal sound. The Zoo Talkers Fun Sounds Zoo is a detailed, interactive playset which brings animals to life in a special way. Playset incorporates 4 habitats: grasslands, arctic, jungle and water. Place any animal on the peg at the hut and it recognizes that specific animal and respond with that animal's name and the sound it makes.Fisher-Price Little People Zoo Talkers - Animal Sounds Zoo brings kids to the animal world.It's a real day in the jungle. The Zoo talkers have a slide so that children can slide the furry polar bear through.Or let children play peek-a-boo with the jungle friends. Kids can even place the jungle friends in the right place to hear fun animal sounds.Learn how to recognize animals through sight and sound with the Little People Zoo Talkers Animal Sounds Zoo from Fisher-Price. This interactive set recognizes model animals, like the included lion, gorilla, and polar bear, names them out loud for children, and demonstrates the noises they make in the wild.The Animal Sounds Zoo includes a polar bear, a lion, and a gorilla to begin zoo play. Press each animal to the red paw pad at the set's base to hear its name, and press it again to hear the sound it makes. This process will teach your child to recognize an animal through its name, the way the animal looks, and the sound it makes. Then, children can match each animal to its habitat. This set includes polar regions, grasslands, jungle, and water environments that are suitable for the included animals and can also accommodate other animals.Children can also play with the animals on the variety of surfaces the set includes. Go down slides, tilt off teeter-totters, swing on the canopy swing, or pop through the peek-a-boo in a mobile terrain filled with surprises. There are also more sounds to discover, including the squeaking nest on the polar bridge, the lily pad that activates the hippo, and the ticket booth where Zookeeper Zack makes announcements.This set requires adult assembly, as some of the pieces screw into place. Our testers were pleased that most of the set was able to easily snap in place, and with the included directions, the process was straightforward and clear. The set even comes with a handle on top so you can transport it around later with ease.Santo Rico by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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