325.00 Enquire about this item EW00eavy Cavalry Sword, marked to Scots Greys, 1814, Possible Waterloo Sword.
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The knife is in excellent condition though sadly the leather scabbard is missing.
China Miéville King Rat When Saul returns to his Dad's tower-block flat he doesn't relish a confrontation, so he goes straight to his room and sleep.The scabbard is leather covered in the jungle field style and has seen some considerable service having been re-booted at least twice - it is nice to see such field care as it shows the sword was most likely carried throughout the war.Renegade Editors Note: Our European women are the most beautiful creation in the entire world and it is not our fault if these filthy savages cannot handle seeing their skin.Local newspapers reported that the women were taken to hospital and one of the three girls was in a critical condition.485.00 Enquire about this item EW0019 WW2 German Luftwaffe Officers Sword WW2 German Luftwaffe Officers sword, aluminium type.135.00, enquire about this item, eW0009, wW2 German SA Dagger Hanger.
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There is the stamped small SS rune mark underneath the crossguard and on the top throat of the scabbard fitting.The first book painfully details Bob's desperate and self-deceiving need to imagine her love as he spends all his money on her and misinterprets her need and deception.Price reflects lack of scabbard/sheath.Simon Blumenfeld, jew boy, a somewhat confrontational title which, according to Ken Worpole in his comprehensive introduction here, still ruffles sensitive feathers.5,200.00, enquire about this item, eW0002, early German SS/Police Sword and knot.A southampton escort sex novel very much of its time, in style and content, but full of flavour and worth the effort.145.00 Enquire about this item EW0017 WW2 German K98 Parade Bayonet.Bayonet frog is dated 1942, maker marked 'Carl Borg, Rathenow'.
A very collectable and now scarce sword.