v1 vs escort max 360

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The V1 has big fat red arrows.Both detectors are good at pointing to the direction of the threat when you get your initial alert.And the red LED display may not be as colorful as the Max 360's multi-color.Size The V1 is more compact.Underneath youll see the same detectors run again, this time with Auto Mode and TSR enabled.Its happened to me a few times.This makes it much easier to identify what frequencies are going on around you.When some of us opened our Max360s, we saw that it had the exact same front horn (antenna) as the Max2 and the same class fpga and DSP chip.The Max360s arrows can be made different colors to mean different things.It can also be set for stealthy nighttime running with only a discreet status light showing.If thats the trade-off, I can work with a little bounciness.While the 360 wont have the range of the V1, youre getting a much more convenient and integrated detector, you dont have to constantly rely on your phone, and youll have a much easier to use overall package.Short of finding a car with a blind spot system and switching back and forth between detectors to find out which one falses and which one doesnt (and Ive done this before by going to a car dealership, heh its pretty tough to pin down.The display is also far more customizable.Things like filtering are important too of course, but well start with range.
It applies to X, K, Ka, and Laser signals.

Note: I recommend buying a new V1 straight from the factory. .The V1 is not only more compact as a detector, but the mount lets it rest much higher and the fact that the mount connects in the middle of the detector means that I can push it away towards the windshield more and so its.The V1 has little red dots to denote the different bands.It just means that you dont have the same level of protection you would from a better performing detector, particularly in tougher situations.Youll still get an adequate level of protection against most threats in general.This makes sense when you look under the hood.
Valentines patent on the arrows expired in 2011, Escort decided to close the gap and take away the V1s primary competitive advantage and so now theyve brought arrows over to their automatic false reducing GPS based detectors.
The V1s implementation of this filter does have a delay, but its one of the shortest delays out there and its also very effective.