Use a Learning Theory: Behaviorism

This video explores the learning theory of behaviorism. Watch this light-hearted video and learn how to apply behaviorism in the classroom.

logan boyer

panda is awesome


Anyone 2018?


Australian baseball league big cricket not big baseball Helip baseball

Greta Piperkoska

Then you blend, and blend, and blend. Blending is the secret. 😜

Petter A

Aftermath was a pretty boring DLC in my opinion. I hope The End Game will be better

Michael Smith

also 2019 anyone


Ha ha red ranger has over confidence against dp

Unsub T series


the bowling just got Michael bay


NIIIIICEEE!!! jesus, you guys are battling with nature's fysics

Samuel Cameron

I thought coby was going to win again until Tyler ruins it

stativeaxe7928 li boss

Thank god new video

Shapol Sinjawi



What you like Dying Light so far?

Rennat Olin

"it's britney, bitch" hahahahahha

And why pictures

5zAñð0r P1aÿz

when Cory wakes up in the morning he would look like he turned Super Saiyan 3

Aesthetic Land123

What happened to the doggo :(

Yennie Fer

I cried a lot. I'm glad she gotten out of that relationship. :(


lol u fal


your channel is honestly super underrated. Your editing skills are top notch and you deserve more. Keep it up my guy


News:I man died after playing with shotgunsMe: I’m not surprised

Chuong Nguyendinh

:) vỏ ko ảo

gun fronttier

best ending ever


Looks like Guru ran out of ideas already.

Rileigh Davis

I promise I will like this comment You said you will like it. so do it


As someone who has been tased with 50k volts, Ty, I sympathize with your fear of electricity.

well done

Venustiano Zaragoza

Humans fighting against Mother Nature? Come on!!! Nothing is going to stop a hurricane, tornadoes, earthquake, absolutely nothing, we are destroying this beautiful planet, now let's face the consequences, sorry...

Evelyn Banales


albert sicat

February 2019?



I like how they keep calling each other jerk ,and lunatic 😂

Meh:my mom is not home so what should i do


9:00 watch out guys we got a badass creeper here

Just An Ordinary Polar Bear

I sound like that little robot partner from portal 2.


I want korean sub..

haifaa H

i cant wait for the deathbattle arguments between elsa vs iceman/killer frost on youtube channels and fanpages ..


that end xD


Bro Why didn’t you deploy your parachute??

Terraria Area

This rlly inspired me to go out side more and pogo stick

ahmad samer



amazing work i thought i new all the Easter eggs i don't no shit your awesome

hi bye parrots animals

I have a story

Deku Midorya

Elsa is in the waterMe: where is Moana and Ariel

ポケットモンスター 1997 - 2019 Grazie di esistere e per aver migliorato, assieme ad altri 6 fantastici ragazzi, la vita di tutte le army sparse per il mondo💜

Rudra Ghutadaria

I saw black bits

Sin Shine

do ifel tower

Juri S

Omg guys u should make a giant rice cake but instead of only putting sauce on top, inject the rice cake with sauce too. If you guys pull this off I’ll be super impressed

Precious Nwajoku

who's here before 10 million subs