Speaking about Venture, in escort 9500ix mount which he participated with his own startup in 2014, Flury says: There is money there, but of the ten winners who got money, nine or ten were spin-offs from epfl, ETH, universities and.
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But if you are not a spin-off or with high technology and patents and so on you have almost no chance, he says.Startup support has become a hype industry in Switzerland, says Erich Bucher, President of the.In 54 hours we do the work that certain startups do in months, says Gysler, who is a mentor at the event.There are research grants and all these business plan competitions.Says Sébastien Flury, himself an entrepreneur who is highly active in the startup scene and runs the blog m, for him, where Switzerland falls down is somewhat ironically funding.There is so much money in Switzerland but so little flowing into startups; that's the contradiction of Switzerland, he tells The Local.
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Despite the coaching support for this talent, statistics show just how difficult it is to make a success of a startup.

That's a shame, because an asset of Switzerland's potential entrepreneurs is the quality of their skillset.Even in such a cash-rich country investment can be hard to secure, particularly for startups that are not spin-offs from Switzerland's universities and world-leading technology institutes such as epfl and sister school ETH Zurich.But today becoming an entrepreneur is almost something normal.There's a buzz about startups in Switzerland at the moment.But exactly how easy does Switzerland make it?So is it time we all packed in our jobs to start a business?Startup Weekend is one of many events in Switzerland to help entrepreneurs.Anyone doing so would be bang on trend.Gysler, meanwhile,"s a globally recognised statistic which may strike fear into the heart of any budding entrepreneur.