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orao brat



This was pretty cool

Cuz that makes u special and unique

Gaming Elvio Racielio

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so good

Lorenzo Cuffari

Pwedeipay 👎 Duce Pefect 👍

white wolf

why are you exploding a golden basketball. i can't harder speak. speakless i tell you. please you have more golden basketball.


When you click on trolls, sometimes one will say "Eekum Bokum" The same thing Mumbo Jumbo says in Banjo Kazooie!

I watched the sub tho sorry lol

G4 MaxBoy

Did Tye saw the f word


Dylan Towler

Congrats to both of you. Also from this story the birthing process sounds primitive as hell in the US.

Aki - San

Wait...LUKE BRYAN?!Congrats how did you get him there with you guys?

Aaron Hardy

I know your name Joseph Allen 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

sG Platinum !

panda you rock

Charles Patch

High to Low

Square Enix: changes everything except powers


The first one may have been a double with a Porky's reference there.

i would love it


"lets play our secret game" Also car dealer: a lot of people don’t know this but you can actually put your weed in there

- Lattla -

2014? Who else was hoping for 2018 :(


how's that possible wow

ThePurple Worm

I can relate I can relate so bad I have fricking like over 13 different imagery friends if you can call it that and they won’t shut up it’s kinda like having this disorder but it’s definitely not

Pinkalicious Weirdo

Who even likes Pokemon?

powergodz gaming

Honey collecting battle

You Got No Jams

A lot of things here doesn't connect and make sense so I'mma call bullshit on this bedtime story

Gamer 12

I want to meet the dallas cowboys

Crazy Swan

I'm Jane. Avoidant.


Sounds indie to me. Like I said, it's indie >at least in my opinion<.

Breanna Lauren

"You just like did everything that was illegal" lol! And?!These guys have too much fun! Golden watermelon=not a good idea

Nancy Martines

That was so sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭


The bitch crying on Talos Prinicple needs to STOP

The Real Donald J. Trump


Damien Kiwi

GuruKid's Grocery lol