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Seth Martin

Football stereotypes

abd alkader alkhalel

verygood sho no dp


Is that the guy who plays Ian malcom in JP

Breath of the Malice


the people who said Brasilia your right might

paria parsa



Queen of Waifus

I’m tearing up at this. I went through a mental hospital for children , I threatened others , I was suspended , I hated myself...This made me happy that someone could relate that the world felt like it was coming to a end.

Bro Vlogs and more

U Guys should do live stream

Dylan Goldsmith


Shadow Zane

just not the one u did u aim at a window to

Rudra Vansh

Hlo D.P i m one of the biggest fan of yours ........ I m from india can u plzzzzz come in india plzzzzzzzz.... I want to meet u all.😙😙

Beto Olvera

Thought it was d’angelo Russell


Anyone know a movie like The truman show and Snowpiercier, where the characters are stuck in a place and think it's the real world.

Isaiah Velasquez

How much did the ep cost

I was 17, the long distance guy was 14. And kept telling me this:

Hip conp Ninja

Aller voire la chaîne YouTube Mathis poirier et abonnés vous

coline the one who motivates


Yesh Dahiya

Pause 4:40

Xander Productions

Can you guys tell me when this happened to me

Dasuku GGO

69M views, I wish more people could see this


I was in an abusive family situation, my mom and dad both abused me mentally and physically, they even pulled my siblings to their side so they'd abuse me too. I was trapped there but stayed when I turned 18 to keep my little sister safe. But one day they kicked me out over the phone while I was at work. I went and stayed with a friend and am having a much better life without them, they let me see my little sister sometimes too so I can make sure she is okay. This video is right, things do get better, you just might not see it coming but something will save you if you're stuck. You just gotta hang in there, don't give up

Duck Gutz sax

Yay more foreshadowing he said any last words

Lizett Avila

12:11 breh it wasn’t even close and he still gave him the money lmao

Pablito Libaton

stereotypes in house


i only guessed will right

Rantih setianingsih


Nwonknu 1

silly helicopter forgot to aim for the ground

Melodee Cooper

so much nostalgia

Summer Lynch

Feel sorry for her 💔😢 sorry feel bad...


Her husband beat her to a limit that nearly took her life...its very difficult in this have those who'll miss you if you die...but sometimes people want to let go of the pain and be "free"...but it happens to hundreds, thousands, and possibly over a million people and can be thrown into this very feels scary and its very traumatic and scars the life of a human being..Divorce is an option but one must face the memory of it all till the day they die....This woman wants free herself from her pain...but her death will have a major impact on her kid's lives, and they have a possibility of recieving the abuse from her husband as one deserves the pain and stress this strong woman had to go through...Thats why its best to stand up to the problem than letting it continue to happen....God Bless you all and Have a Great Day

Maneesh Sharma

team ty

Keri howaito

I nice having these funnyish stories once in a while aside from the depressing ones-


ayyyyy guru

Elijah Aylward

hey tyler, laugh!

Andrew Alicea

you are the best and your panda