MASTER CHIEF'S NEW AI IN HALO INFINITE - Is it Mendicant Bias? Cortana 2.0? Or a trap... - YouTube

ICONIC MERCH: HiddenXperiaTwitter: @HiddenXperiaFacebook: HiddenXperiaTwitch: HiddenXperiaDiscord: of the most prevalent things across all major Halo Infinite news drops is Master Chief's new AI chip - so who is it? 343 are really making a conscious effort to show us not only the chip, but the serial number on it, and thus it's going to have HUGE implications in Infinite's story. Could this AI be Mendicant Bias? Or a trap... Today we discuss 5 possible theories for who, or what this AI chip may contain!MAJOR thanks to the following Patrons for their extremely generous donations!: ICONIC ONE:Jack MaddenEric BrownSam GraftonBruin98Hayden WoodsGareth DaviesMatthew BrownRenegade GingerfwimmygoatSargentSwordsZachariah YoungWoodErik HaiglerSnake M4A1Nicholas FisherPRIMORDIALS:TOMAHAWKM468Momo KawashimaShikata-Ga-NaiMjolnir 117Matthew BlankenshipPierre ArtigouhaToni RedgraveTHEOZygamerMichael RebishRez_Neck VetJoshua DonlevyMechaMatrixAshton WaldoGRAVEMINDS:AnkariJulian LaresAzuraneAlex AguiPirate LahaieTheBlueSenseiThebanana3Matt StromRaymond A McCuneTwo Penny PropsPrimordialCyrus IniquezTheArdentPrayerBItcoin address: 15MBLnFi2Jd6oeVGWZ2u2X4Z42mgFocLGzLitecoin address: LWzHubpGiek2iAgSDz38xHiQw71a6nzdeLEthereum address: 0xC5032a030a2107189850399A9c075aeE8c4cFC9B►►Thanks for watching guys!#HaloInfinite #HaloInfiniteCampaign #HaloInfiniteTrailer

Javier Verme

Hey will there be a godzilla theory for the new movie that just came out?

Supernøva 5

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Timothy Kevin

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This is actually a really smart move, since the community has been asking to get outbreak back in R6S. After this they can play outbreak whenever they want.

Limac 999

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Powerful KP

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Mala N

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Sal Ryan Mejia


The scene after the heroin covinced the rebels to go taking the plans of the Death Star, we see her going to take off but she's stopped by Cassian with a group of people that want to go with her. During this scene, we hear in the background the exact same sound as the one heard when you die in GTA5 and get the "wasted" text.

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The Serious Chicken

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Sam Martin

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aesha shaikh

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Boo Boo Jackson !

loool peoples who made those games actually have alot of fun doing those eatser eggs,,,,that one 9:55 just cracked me up lol

Jackson Thomas

My favorite shot was the twin shot because I have a twin myself


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Devin Gray-Paul

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Ray Roskos

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Euripedes Silvano Ribeiro Ribeiro

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Lazy Hokage

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Cookie Monster

Some of these comments are pretty disrespectful considering how serious of a situation this is.

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But seriously i really like this, its pretty accurate

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I saw Bad Boys yet I am perplexed as to how I missed that cameraman

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Thumbs up for part 4!