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Shakira's official music video for 'Whenever, Wherever'. Click to listen to Shakira on Spotify: featured on Laundry Service. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: Play: from ShakiraGypsy: Wolf: Remember To Forget You: great noughties videos here: ShakiraWebsite: to Shakira on YouTube: #WheneverWherever #Vevo #LatinPop #OfficialMusicVideo---------Lyrics:Lucky you were born that far away soWe could both make fun of distanceLucky that I love a foreign land forThe lucky fact of your existenceBaby I would climb the Andes solelyTo count the freckles on your bodyNever could imagine there were onlyTen Million ways to love somebodyLe ro lo le lo le, Le ro lo le lo leCan't you seeI'm at your feetWhenever, whereverWe're meant to be togetherI'll be there and you'll be nearAnd that's the deal my dear


I bought your toy and it doesn't work 😢can you do a video on how to use it

Mohammad Hafizuddin

So amazing. So lit bro. Congratulation. Wish you best good luck from Malaysia.


Ns vid


She needs weed

The Robotic Dino

Should’ve brought the bowling ball

All of my bffs are all so pretty, so skinny, and so talented. I feel as an outcast next to them, even one of my friend jokes that I’m fat and i say that im not offended but it truly hurts me inside 😞

Yotchi Crotty


Paul Rodriguez

I subscribed and I am happy thanks this lifted me up

Keegan Large

aNY siZe Is A go0d SizE

Kiara Chapman

I started puberty when I was 8-9 and I'm 10 rn

Evan Asbell

Cody says everything is from the 1940's or lower😅




Loved the music. Great video!


game seems boring... beautiful, but boring.


Gucci gang

Can I get 1,000 subs

😐 is this why my p.e teacher is nice or is he just nice?

Pleb Obliterator

i don’t wanna be mean to these make-wish-kids but like how come they get to meet literally anyone they want. i’ve seen this kid in like 10 videos.

ZGlove S.

Any one got predictions for new fossil Pokémon?

game champ carl


I have your football and frizbee

Jenny Poitras

He reminded me of Gareth bale

Sidney Life of tea

Nd that teacher was horrible for that she should never have let that happen as a adult

Esteban Armenta

23 bounces

Giaashi official

First one to reply will be goy

Doug Rath

I actually didn't see ty when the manican was attacked by a bear

ടെക് സോൾ


Rishav Sarkar

Her mom looks like Lisa Su

btw i lost it at #5 xD

Faris Al Ghazzawi

Im a big fan of u dude perfect!!!!! I hope i could meet u in the future🤞🏼🤞🏼

The Old Guy Money

Gamer Destroyer

Who else notices in every stereotypes video there is a rage monster

tabitha beames

where do you live

V Gamer

Dude perfect I am fan of you

John Moore

Cory is a cousin to Cody and Dillon

Erica Martins

What a dive of Cody

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1:26 WTF were you thinking lol

Bleak Cobra Productions

Wait I am going to stop you rite there math homework when you were 5

elrose artist life/ pictures

Nice . Allen

Cole Powers

Who watching in 2061?

Tingo Tango

My boyfriend loves me and is to antisocial to cheat. That’s why I trust him and he trusts me.

Andrew Matanmi

Cry and sneeze oops I sneeze on the remote

minhdung thai


That guy from Aggretsuko

the last one.... goddammit

white wolf


Rachel the Marx fan

people say these videos are fake but this is true. a real person is saying this stuff


I can do an anime girl sneeze

kalmah eni

I like the music u use

Morte 117

what abuot pizza planet truck in 'big hero 6' and in 'frozen'???



Lucas Sharp500

I don’t understand the icarly one someone please tell me

CharaAj venom

I feel bad to.... Hope u are OK now