Top 10 Funniest Farts On Live TV History

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(way overdue) Guru you forgot the arrow in the knee easter egg


Watching this because I'm so excited for the 2018 video to be posted soon!


So the comments on this video are really messed up, it counts the amount of comments posted but its stuck on how they looked an hour after I posted the video. I will read all the comments when this fixes.


Wesley Kehoe


Luke Schmelzle

2:11 she lost her scars

Jake Fanslau

My brother cheated on his girlfriend!

Dana Assiri

You,Lele,Rudy. The same thing wow amazing we need more from these😁👍🏼👏🏼

Itis more imp for you to be a proper human.being rather than just afriend...the men y le n.physical. harm n torcher she will bear next of her entire life. Ull not be there. Only mothe can.hold n.bear everything for s child. U.did a very big mistake n its veru.very h armful.for her. U never kne after few years where it take s her

Gabbie Allen

no one:

The Angry bird Show

I'm sorry

Garden Hoes

Bloody Mary has entered the chat

filthy raider main


Pink Guy Of DOOM



who were the kids?

Eugene Monotilla

They really doing us Netflix fans dirty with that Daredevil helmet

Sulli 123 4

Not allowed to drink that because of reasons God for rules

You be stayin' low but you know what the vibes is

SarahGacha 3000

Im a girl and in my culture my father dosen’t want me to play outside much,


there was this easter egg me and my brother found on blue shift


Mystery Box.

Elias Uddenhed 3a

go coby!!!



John Ishmar Punta

Tijuana Piranhas for 2020 finals

Ekaitz del Rey

Everyone jumping*

Girl : well.. His dad Tried to whoop him in front of me because he tot he was gay so i kissed him in front of his dad while he busted a nut

shamsa adnaan

I'm your fan ldo your bottle flip trick shot

123 minimeee

Was it even hot look at the clouds