Training film on "EVM and VVPAT"

This film is for training and familiarizing the various Election officials, functionaries and stakeholders with EVM and VVPAT Machines.

Ana Avalos

Everything was going perfect until that Harry Potter scene come out😭 it broke my heart again 💔


Both look dissapointing in my opinion. The BF franchise is going down CoDs way. Trying to appeal to old BF players. Isn't appealing to me, not even close. Looks like some garbage. I bet everyone will revert back to BF4 sooner or later kinda like they did in Hardline. I mean the trailer looks good, that's what Dice is famous for, but the game can turn out worse than the last one, kinda like BF4 did.


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Arkam Azhar

Germany or France



Kevin Ramirez

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Peppachelet Jr

Hi guru amazing vídeo ! Plz You Can Make A Vídeo From Eggster Eggs From Movies Of 2014 Thanks For Read My Comment Im Spanish Guy OK


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Rovin Moonsammy

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JJ Rueda

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bellas adventure

good job making this video


GD Sparky

2019? Anyone?????

Anyway, you guys should not take all this hate seriously. You all should just join, and hate on something else that actually deserves to be hated. Like EA, for example!

You done Oofed

Bruh Nathan was about to get turned up with that Codeine that he is getting 😂😂😂💯💯👌👌🔥🔥🔥

Elisabeth Olausson

wtf happened to the art

aka5011 lol


Wolfpup Studios

Do not press read more unless you want to hear about a similar situation that happened to me.

Scott Larsen

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Jordan Lintz

airport...... cool

Matthew Ampuran


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