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Watch the top 20 Equestrian Moments of 2018 and the finest selection of Jumping, Dressage & Para-Dressage, Vaulting, Driving, Eventing and Reining including Isabell Werth Simone Blum, Beezie Madden, Boyd Exell, Bernard Fonck, Ros Canter and many many more presented by Mattia Harnacke!What was your favorite moment of 2018? Let us know in the comments!▶▶ Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Exclusive videos on #FEItv: Instagram:

Dragons Master

Doesn’t excuse the fact that rock dude is a fucking moron.

Meo Be

I didn't know higuain could dive

Lydia Waweru-Morgan

Omg. I'm so sorry for the pilot and their family.

Daan Haver

2:11 Left down the screen. You can see the face of da rapper from: 'You loyal. You smart.'

Yigit AYIK

When your mom says clean the toilet to your bother but you guys just hit a blunt

Lo l

you forgot the secret waller in bio2 MP

pogi mack

watching 2019?

MadeUp Rach

I’m so glad you mentioned the Honest Beauty cream blush!!!

Dwight Spradlin

You guys are lucky

Данислав Ломанов

Agnarr and Iduna are alive: confirmed.


I haven't seen all of the first frozen got bored



Prove it. Why would you say that is beyond me. Jealousy shouldn't affect the way you look at something.


I just have anxiety Of Death.

Blue Dude

Panda got shot lol


my count 75 xDD


Ufortanute thing=Eat a whole pizza with bbq sauce instead of tamato

Brian Lightman

Still waiting guru make ready player one video


First dp vid ever

Jejssjsjjdj Djdjdjdndnd

The dogs name is this video is my name it’s at 3:09

Ariel The Savage

That Kick it is weird

pasión por las motos

Los invito que pasen por mi canal a los que le gustan las motos y lo extreme y si les gusta compartir y darle like.


WARNING THIS IS MY OPINION AND DONT ATTACK ME FOR IT if you don't want to read the whole thing skip to the bottom for my point.


5,000th like

Ashly 1

I love j.k Rowling


whoever reads this i

Grubble Pubble

I would talk to my parents and then transfer to a different school or get homeschooled until everything blows over.


I’ve been trying to find his first video that he played at the end can anybody help?


Dat One Guy

Ok guru you got me XD I thought he was actually going into the game and then had a theory that was right... until he said "or some bullshit like that I really don't know" XD

Hate Humans

I get panic attacks everyday, after a workout or when i'm working and even comes when i'm just sitting home doing nothing. It's a pain in the ass !

Alexa Jenkins

These seagulls won't shut up lol I died


Is mr excuse like a regular character for cody?

Marisa RO

My grams died when I was 8... You had the time to spend with him...

Mirajane Strauss

Oh dear ._. Girl, assumptions are dangerous :/ I'd want to sink into the ground if I was her. Poor dude:0

Jocelyn Hernandez

One question, if you submitted your story, how long do you have to wait for it to come out?

There's plastic wrap in my cheeks

Dakota Bourgeois

What armor was that for geralt? In the witcher 3?


Keep it up man, i enjoy watching your vídeos. The edit is fantastic, and everytime i get a notification of your videos i get a feeling of joy and satisfaction. You are the inspiration for some of my videos.

dance with khushi

Please make carrom board trickshot