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Could this be the remake of the legacy of goku that I have waited so long?


RIP usa

Caelan Brown

His pads are on the wrong legs

Gaming With Carl

Me: Oooh what's this


I think I haven’t seen my dad in person for 4 years, I’m seeing him this summer

:,) why world

lucero gomez


Cool Nebroc

0:30 video: shows me the contestents*: Me: GASP SCOTTY MY BOIIII!!!!!

Aarush Upadhyay


Rose Hensley

Is coby behind the cam?

A Pineapple

I have a hard time believing this. They seem like really, REALLY hard things to do and they do it. But I'm just a pineapple, so what do I know?

Daily Supply

is that you on your profile picture? you look like a mix of adam sandler and jonah hill. (i'm not trying to be rude)

Brandon 28

that was weird

Matthew Espinoza

that was awesome


They make it sound like such a horrific event dear God get a grip

Christine Armstrong

How is it so good if everybodyknow how to make Three pointers

Harun Hecimovic

Why can’t it be she wasn’t who she was cus everyone right now is a thot

You missed one at the king jeffery borderlands two easter egg Girl: But boys are stronger than girls so they can do the chores quicker. If boys and girls all were doing the chores then we would do this in no time.(OOOOO REKT)

Camila Suarez


Charles Davila

I love y’alls videos 🏈

Noe Turcios-pinedo

see you guys again in 2 weeks ;)

Jayde Ramar

I just almost cryed is our be crying every min of the day think about dying from cancer