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TOP 10 TRICK SHOT, FROM OUR CHANNEL! 🤘Subscribe to BadmintonExercises: 💪==============================================================================- OUR EQUIPMENT (🏸 and 👕) Register and get 15% discount + FREE SHIPPING (min 100 euro)Support us!👌Patreon: ==============================================================================More detailed tutorials for each video:10) 360 degrees lift - Jan Ø reversed - Cross COURT through the legs - Fake clear - Racket flip - Net surprise - Peter gade - Fake backhand clear/smash - Around the back - Fake smash - you liked our video about: TOP 10 BADMINTON TRICK SHOTWe believe in feedback, so please leave a comment! Have fun and stay motivated! 

David Moya

Almost like cerrone did that on purpose to not continue getting had .how are you going to have the most fights in ufc and know that shits going to happen ?? That wasn't a mistake at all


Not using wrex and garrus in the first mass effect makes me want to die


the kids are cool

Muhammad Zulfitra

dp perfect

Cathal Hayes

Of course. No gta game hasn't been on pc. Probably early 2014

Sports Amazing

Check out my trick shot video



brixa del carmen

Tienes mucho talento que bueno que lo disfrutas por qué tú pronto serás un hombre éxitoso beutiful


Vergina Simpson

Is she ever gonna be not stunning? Wtf


After 10 years... doubt they ever envisioned that they'd be so successful!

A Minecraft OG since 2010

It's fine to cheer against people when they are playing on the court, but NEVER make fun or laugh at an injured player. Respect to Kyle and Ibaka

He’s actually a brilliant shade of vermilion

Oh my god the Edward Scissorhands clip gave me so many tingles

Skeletal Noob

I feel so srry! I hope that PE teacher is castrated and rots in hell. I know it's harsh but no one should go through this. #MeToo

wolf empire

i love you cobe

xoxo xoxo

Poor panda

Wim Sirks


Kel Broven

Does this instrumental/music video remind anyone else of Us?


So much for the ‘nice polite Canadian’. Karma kicked you in your teeth tonight. I hope you lose the next two games to my Warriors. Baseball has its issues, but you would never hear people cheering when a player is injured in a MLB game..!!

KSTZH squad

I remember watching Toy Stories When I was younger(I'm 13).Did they re-launch the toy story series?

Leodebawse! Memes-games

He Attacc he protecc but most importantly he thank you and I love all your videos <3.

Pete Kachew

Portal and mario in one easter egg??? Mari0!!!

👇chandler could win

Airbus Aviation

A real one 🙂

Madelyn Knudtson

It is summer

Najee Watson

The defense is targeted for Steph curry no body in else is stepping up klay can only shoot he can’t dribble and be a playmaker 🤷🏽‍♂️

Mohammad Asimahmoud


jack frost

I'm tearing up I know exactly how she went through but I ate a lot and my parents are still together things calmed down but I still suffer for almost 10 years I get anxiety so bad that my body and brain shuts down I really need help I'm glad that my parents love each other now but I sometimes I still hear them fight I got diagnosed with anxiety when I said I was going to kill myself I went to the principal office and they brought 2 mental health doctors and I really had a anxiety attack to where I couldn't control myself then the school was about to send me to the hospital wearing a stray jacket I hate that school so much!!!!!! I wasn't the only one either.Then I got sent back home for the day and I went to daep for 6 weeks (best 6 weeks of school ever!!!) I thought I was going to get suspended or expelled it still gives me bad memories to this day!

GoPro Steep

6:30 they kinda act like kids

ghaza muhamad ghaza

Siapa yang di sini orang indonesia iya like



Storm Cook

Do one with Alex Ovechkin

I didn't know what to write

Matt hias

Sein Sohn scheint ein richtiger Spinner zu sein 😅

aaron marrinan

I just don't want to do what coby did!

Zeref Dragneel

Coby you'll definitely win. We believe in u.😉

Traci Marrero

My kids love watching u guys