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Hey guru, i got you on psn, what easter eggs are you going to find next on ps3? :)

yağız tok

developers 666 craft wtf illuminati o_o

I have a question


Jamal Pew

I’m jamal I really funny because you are rage monster

Awesome Videos

I really love your videos

Jair Castorena

Do trick shots of soccer

Im so sorry love for the loss of your loved one❤I can see he loved you truely A video like this leaves people with the impression - "eating meat is okay for me", whereas making a video titled "What singular change can you make to produce the most improvement in both your health and environmental impact?" cutting out meat starts to make more sense. I know you include in the video disclaimers about how this video isn't meant to address the other factors, but that doesn't allow for the complete natural reaction of most of your viewers to take a summary or their prefered statements at face value and continue an unnecessarily damaging lifestyle choice. When your videos reach so many people I would like to see you understand that inevitably, even the most unbiased videos, will have a message and the responsibility that comes with whatever message you leave the watcher with. I think more could be done here to encourage viewers to continue to research this important, literally millions of lives-changing, topic.

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Girl: I was 17 he was 24 Is he still in jail for something he didn’t do???


Wow, its good to have something that isnt depressing for a change. Good to have some pure wholesomeness

Adan Khan

Bro i feel so sad for chandler 😭😭😭


Raja's Arcade is a reference to Eddie Raja from the first Uncharted game

Sentinelic Torjan IJF

Imagine finding the hovercraft first

Luciana Antonia

Coby IS ever Win this battle

Tyler Comeau

Guru,in the new Black Ops 3 zombies map,when you are doing one of the easter egg,you have to stop a clock tower at a specific time and a lighting bolt even strikes the clock tower,so it has to be a reference to Back To The Future.

Rito Reyes

How hates me ⬇️

G Atlas

He hates it yet he is it!

Jermiah Starks

Do a video with lebron jamesplease


this gave me so much anxiety