Tips To Become a Valuable Person | Qasim Ali Shah (In Urdu)

In this video, Qasim Ali Shah talking about on the topic "Valuable Person". He is also sharing his experience, wisdom and knowledge that will be helpful for all of those who want to become a more valuable person.=====ABOUT Qasim Ali Shah=====Qasim Ali Shah is a Public Speaker- Teacher- Writer- Corporate Trainer & Leader for every age group- Businessmen- Corporate executives- Employees- Students- Housewives-Networkers- Sportsmen and for all who wish everlasting Success- Happiness- Peace and Personal Growth. He helps people to change their belief & thought pattern- experience less stress and more success in their lives through better communication- positive thinking and spiritual knowledge. =====FOLLOW ME ON THE SOCIALS=====- Qasim Ali Shah: Google+: Twitter: Website : Member:Waqas Nasir=====

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