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Khloe Gentry

My dad owns some Texas roadhouses that breaks my heart

Filip Kolomanski

Kto z Polski🇵🇱🇵🇱

Fareeha Aslam

My sister told me the exact same thing, When she was sleeping....

Evincer Fyle

That dart hitting the camera went through my neck

Rosanna Xie.

After relating to the anxious type I searched more and everything about it relates to me. The way they describe some of the things they do also make me realize that I can’t keep going on being an anxious type. How can I become a secure type?

Piyush Charjan

Animated? Game? Real life ? ????

Brayden J.W


Sunflxwer_ essence

It's still the top 3 as in 1st place

GG bro

a sea horse

Alekos Vandikas

poor panda lol

Brian Tinsman

The fucking beard that nerd has is next-gen.

alexis dean

My mom love your videos

Sanjay Patel

Last one

jon s


jamel sankey

Its crazy how he took the line from racks in the middle and added nips name...then he is standing just like nip was in the beginning of the higher video....its been 3 months big homie and we still dont understand...S/O to J Stone though keep the marathon going big homie.... J Stone i know the set proud of you my nigga and nip is too #TMC

Bunana Game-Z-er


IlExtremerslI IlCoolerlI

I love yu Tyler.Coby 1 win.Always winner Tyler;)

Inferno Gamer YT

1:18 mhm 3:50 nice cory

Marshall Duruin

Twin shot

Bla Bla

I know this has been made countless times already, but your videos are a breath of fresh air, each and every time!

KawaiiPlanet 123



lucas berg


Dennis Acorda

a grenade in the chimney

Silly Sealer

It is like story about do not judge a book by its cover

at 22:05 I thought he said "my closing semen is strong"....?????

My grades are amazing and a lot of my teachers love me


its always a awesome feeling when youtube videos mention your country :D


Wyatt Cole

Who is watching this in 2016

Richard rage

Theres nothing wrong with playing games there is no such thing as gaming addiction you dont need to stop

Infected Soldier

It's all lies! LIES I SAY!

Ben Leiber

coby cotton only got one record.

Icey life


Lee Lee Poke. Test

Your country is the worst thing in the world!!!

Fishy scramble Mapper


thia ending

Micheal - MlgGaming

Did guru just say I hope you'll join me till the end is he stop gonna make easter egg videos!?!?!