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what is up ? guyzBilal lucky presents you an another video tittled "THUKRA KE MERA PYAAR ""in which you wil see only three things CLIMAX CLIMAX CLIMAXwatch till the end SPECIAL THANKS - RAJENDRA CHAUDHARYIntagram - /camera player - Ajeet patel written by - Bilal luckyEdited by - bilal lucky STARRINGShanaya nigam asAvnti Nakul saroj as prince Rishabh chuahan as veer shivam ssingh as bouncer bilal lucky as arjun Instagram link Shanaya nigam -chauhan - saroj - patel - singh - scenario perform -kanpurkv.ip(Manish )lucky - facebook page - credit - to fesliyanstudious) Subscribe it ..#thukrakemerapyarmerainteqamdekhegi #theunexpectedtwist#aukaat #inteqam #makeachange THANKS FOR WATCHING MAKE YOUR LOVE STILL


If a boy bullies you and like hits you just yell HARDER DADDY and I'm pretty sure they'll stop

Andreas Tsek


PizzaHut Honoka

So we got Yeezey, jah, and Yaweh. When we gonna get bars from Jehovah?

good vid L


Kistunemagic AJPW

There was a stabbing attack once in a neighbour hood. People saw it but were to afraid to do anything and assumed someone else called the cops. At the end the whole neighbour hood thought this, so nobody helped and nobody called the cops. The victim died. This story could have ended happily if someone like that 17 year old did something.

Jack Hachtman

Wheres Garrett?

Gopal Raval

last shot very good

Astro Melon

I opened a bottle of soda right at the beginning and the sound of the waves made me think it wasn’t sore fizzing up and about to explode everywhere phew 😅

Caiden Pahl

No one said this

Stephanie Samuel

If you ever feel pressured in a relationship, you need to talk it out or end it as soon as possible. No one should feel that way in a committed relationship.

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I like ducks

takes one step


does the qube easter egg work on qube: directors cut?

@ 3:57 Listen to this question and the answer Stephen Curry gave.

Haze -

Coby didn’t do too bad

Justin Y.

Cheese and a tortilla is all i need. Not all the other unneeded white person crap

Redborn Gamer

Not fat your thicc

zinging and zanging with Faust

The archery swish

Salvatore Weber

Team coby all the way


this is real. they were on e-60p.s. "BIG TIME"


waiting for the memes


I think it says jack not jock....

Riley Raburn

I know outback is great but mine is not the best

Joshua Porter

Im guessing its just americans that find this shit funny..?

seat head singer

This is sad for Mike but I'm not trying to bully but his hair looks like a tennis ball



? Welp.....that’s why I call my “mother” mom(bio)

Littleman 123

Its not really a 10 millionpoint shot it whould be if you did it across a whole plane😀


Mia Johnston-Timplerley

So what happens to her dad lol

Christopher Lee Singleton

Goku is really evil in my dragonball z majin buu fury game i put holy water on him got damn devil had to bless him (:


Sorry, but I got a burst of laughter when I heard Yamashita... Sound very close to "yeah, Imma shita" >.<

Joanna Dozier

Shopping Cart? Excuse me, it's a Buggie.

daisy iris

This girls to much

Official Joshua Tidwell Jr.

Did I just hear captain sauce’s intro?