Thrilling Training of Army - YouTube

A tough training makes the strong army. If this saying is true, then this video is the prime example for this saying.

Strawberry _gacha


Keito Productions

I still can’t tell them apart but the one in the orange aged better




Vaughn Schwietert

The dog at the end of the video rip and also rip The old guy


Please do beyond two souls

Green Zeal72

But ty lost the last round because Cody did the last ball harder and faster than he did it to mike


Your real world avatar looks like Neo from Matrix...Are you referencing the franchise because in the game you connect into computers???

Shubham Mittal

Beautiful artwork, keep doing the good work, I hope you continue making progress on youtube :)

SCP - 049

1.5K USD Says i can beat coby in roblox minigamesGames:Phantom forces (As many kills as possible before the round ends)Jailbreak (quickest escape)Tower Battles (survive the longest)Vehicle Simulator (best car contest)I will appreciate if you send me gift cards to fund VIP Servers (I only need 25. i will be apperciated) I will edit this if they accept this.

1. improve the work environment, i.e. better pay

Mia Powerpuff

Why was it so satisfying when he started eating it-

Todd Howard


Kyler Carpenter

Coby=James Charles

Yasuhiro Nagata

so its not his fault but father and grandpa fault not letting older bros become dictator

cool 101

There ain't no damn way you created amazon


Isn't the car crashing into the theater a Back To The Future reference?


Like if your watching in 2015

Hector Reyes

The Jorden dunk

L Petway

Panda has a stunt devil

me: hey im flash now

Miranda Grove

high key i wanna see you do allison from the breakfast club's cereal and pixie stick sandwich

floating one

That last one was spectacular.

Nur Hidayah

COMPLETELY RELATABLE WITH ANXIOUS JAHAHAHAHA NOW I KNOW IM FREAKING ANXIOUS GIRL EVERRRR. But i hate when it comes for me to always blame myself. huh why should i care even though they're not? Sucks!

Sole Snail

Watch my epic trick shot video

The Don

NBA players never wear pants that fit. Feel bad for Kevin Durant


Blue Birb

Guru, your videos are great and why not do a QnA?

Friends Friends Me: biTCh wHErES mY KnIFe!?!!

John190 the homicidal maniac

Samurai Assassins creed that wouldnt work.

SlitxWrist *

The part with the kid hitting water on his tricycle made my everything

Lilboss_NamedyoungD - Dakarai McDonald

the part when they do all the hardcore dunks aswome?