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Thomas Train Crash: Toy Vehicles, Tractor, Trucks & Cars | Train Toys for Kids.Have Fun :)Hi Parents. All Toys are bought by myself. This video is supposed to review and show the toys functions in an entertaining and family friendly way.Sounds: FreeSound.org___________________________________Business Inquiries: kinderspielzeugkanal@web.de___________________________________

FuccBoi Schmack

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Panagiotis Stavropoulos

Only you can make a video that has 0 dislikes

Uggy Panda

why does Vic keep changing his age??

Meg Kwarciak

Love love love James Corden!!


Manola was a sweetie. Kristen looked amazing in everything.

Georgia Shirley

oh BOOHOO you were a bad person and got called out

The follower from (Egypt)


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Man this wasn't a really good year for Easter eggs, other than 3-1 they were kinda a letdown


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Meggan Dega

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A Ioannou

that ending tho... imagine going to a park seeing an old mans corpse on a bench smiling


thank you for warning us about the jump scares! :) im subing for that


I was expecting the Dark Souls reference in Borderlands 2... I guess expectations are the root of heartache after all :(

Tyler Maksymovitch

chief: floats into view

Memephis Martard

Don't play shitty music please


Gotta love your work, always top notch <3

anirudh agrahari

Last one offcourse!! Sweeett!!

Madilyn Kuba

Am I the only one who wants Ty to win?

Jean Cywinski

Maybe it's just an effect of the R gas ?

belieber from finland

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Teh Sprinkle Free Man


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John Hulbert

i swear it was fuckin curving or some shit but damn it was AMAZAZING!!!

Sd Finest


Lyricaltomboy18 !

I’m not going to cry

Yana d

2:57 poppy

David D


Idk What to put

waste of Pringle’s :(

Raymond Deloatch

0:33 Dude you forgot the ball...

Bradley Madrid


Sneha Bhujbal

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seal king

my dad were nice when i did a mistake


I cannot believe that some ppl think you are the same guy in bioshock one and two, its like they didnt even pay attention to the story or the cutscenes, if your gonna say something about a game, get your facts straight cuz now you guys look like idiots

Męśh Dÿ

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Love the vids

Elijah hasnolastname

"but there's EVIL WITHIN TOO." -Robin Hood vs. Billy the Kid

Karen Nicolas

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