This minecraft server is dangerously stupid... - YouTube

Cooper, Travis, and I set out and toured the SMP Live server.→ Follow me on twitch for more! Edited by Joko: in this video:Cooper - - - - Social Media Links ♠→ Twitch - Twitter - Instagram - Discord - Subreddit - Music:

Like if u didn't move#me

Jackson Lasley

How about the fact that there's a character that is literally named "DLC"?

Asha Prajnadriya

Why the fuck do people cheat?

Jj Powell

Ok finally a video

Rido Akfa

Mantap juara keren.. Juosssss👍

What is worse?


Hi Guru, maybe you can make a Video from Dishonored. Its a very nice Game and i think there are nice and very hard to finding easter eggs in it. Bad english i know :DGreetings from Germany

Zlatan Ribica

Twin turbo


I don't want to live on this planet anymore...

That1Weido Xx

i was abused and never ever received love but, i always want love and affection. but at the same time im always scared to talk to my girlfriend about my personal issues because i think she will think of me diffrently or hate me afterwards.

Remydh 94

dude perfect you live in texas so do you like spurs

Joseph Chua

if that six arms are just for show and not really a hint to a late game ability that will let you hold six more guns... well, nothing really. I'm just going to be disappointed by the missed opportunity.

TheComment #2

You should talk more in your videos


Was that Cody that said they need to retire?


Christmas is coming early

Lychee Blossoms

She gets kinda startled, but this time her anxiety doesn't quite come up, for a few seconds, and jim asks and she is likely to say yes


Why play all sports but golf in all sports GOLF battle?

The Armed Realtor James Tiberius

When are these guys going to learn to bowl? I bet the still use the gutter guards... lol

GachaGamer Kat

That guys a narcissist run as fast as possible GET OUT OF THERE!!!! GET AWAY FROM HIM!!! Break up with him and if he gets physical call the police

Huzaifa Salman

Nike is the best


why are there soo many guys when only one takes the shot?

Callie Dunn

Garrett you are in last place