It consists- from the left side of the map to the right- of a 2-story bombed-out building with a basement, a bombed out area resembling a walkway with an upper and lower level, and the Brothel building itself.
Bring Roman/Arica with 1 crowbar and 1 saw.Start off by sprinting selena gomez sex tape look alike towards the grated door on the upper levels of the brothel.Players opting for a stealthy infiltration will want to use this upper-floor entrance.The thugs two levels below will have heard the cries of their comrade.Roman, you can take cover at the entrance and kill the thugs using.You can keep Pyotr alive even if you killed all of the other thugs.Enemies: 5 Neutral, the, brothel is a, location in, this War Of Mine.Immediately (as in the moment the saw finishes) run towards the nailed door and remove the nailed wood.In case the trader is still alive (best approach on each visit you can steal from his cabinet behind him (you need to lure him away tough) and also from the stash chelsy escort on the left of the stairs going to the basement.
Tobacco and some, weapon Parts.
NPCs will grant a morale boost to most of your crew at home.

I cannot stress that enough.You could now either go down to repeat the backstab process on the trader, or look for the fourth thug.4) If you are near the thugs, DO NOT RUN.Don't forget to loot the bodies and stash their weapons/armor/ammo.If you kill the 4 thugs (not the trader) carefully enough so that you don't warn the trader while doing so, you can still trade with him later).Otherwise, you may have to loot a body for a gun and bullets to shoot him.Run towards the next room to the right prostitute around tzaneen and drop to the next level from the balcony.This is when you hide in the shadows; backstab the thug once he comes close.Finish the removal (you have the time and quickly hide in the hole.