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From being asked 'are you sure you want to eat that?' to being told you're destined to stay single, here are eight things sure to irritate any person who classifies themselves as fat...--Click here to subscribe to BBC Three: you know that we’re up to other things in other places too?Best of BBC Three: we’re on Snapchat too - just incase you were wondering… add us, bbcthree.—This video is monetised outside of the United Kingdom by BBC Studios who help fund new BBC programmes.Service information and feedback:


Cody and Luke need to be called Coke because Coke's 2 halves of their names, and red, so it's PERFECT!!!!



Lucky him. If a human gets striked by a Lightning, there's 0% survival chances. A lightning is charged with Thousands of Amperes. Even 0.05% of a Ampere is more than enough to kill a perfect healthy human. When struck by a lightning or strong electricity of about 30KV, you die in a matter of 0.002 seconds and your body looks like a a small roasted looking box. It looks horrible.

Elizbeth Delangel

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Mrs. Black Legendary Class

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Death Monk

Elsa Jean has entered the chat

k ziomekTV

I Love bottle buster

Ezekiel Brock

I can't believe you guys need a trampoline to dunk

Noe Nunes

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Pipe TV

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Brian Boss

Cool song but the first 16 bars was a Future flow rip off

Marco L Salazar

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pati shka

"Before I knew it, I was living with him"

Gia khiem Ton

Where did u guys buy those plane, or u guys create it? Pls answer me

willian lima antunes

man, you're the best easter egg founder in the youtube, awsome job!

Alina Duford Get Out 2017

jack games

Its supposed to be dad perfect

Kate VRob

Am I the only one who got 9 out of 9 symptoms?

Ricardo Milos


OGC Gaming

The double rainbow is a reference to a viral video. Every thing he says is in the real video!

Eliana Aguirre



한국인 없냐?

Gerard Saliba

No one killed the night king, no one

Nelly B Araiza

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any substitutes for coconut milk for those who are allergic to coconut?

Rich Jebs

Is there anything you guys can't do? No, like I'm being serious here.

I donut 23

I don't know if u see but in this vid panda and garret have the same shoes on

Jean Pezzutti

I loved the Witch in the Payday easter egg. It gets better when you remember that the name of the level is a reference to the 1st L4D campaign, No Mercy.

Matthew Miller

your taste in ambient music is superb

John Witte

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Adrian Just de la Cruz


Nasir Abbasi

Add in wheel unfortunate put your head in a bucket fell with water for 10 seconds

Milanista 11

you go try and make one of their shots

Anthony V Vlogs/gamer

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Xbox Player

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Just catching them is impressive enough

Raphi S

If SportsNation had seen this shot, then you would've anhilalated the Pool Domination people


@bigrmon There's this new thing mother nature just came out with called wind, bro.

Ruth Plays

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Ty Koepp

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Maarten Smaling

@WCLrush they can move the basketball hoop

- Y E T I -


50% : Look at that Art !


Clearly you guys arnt fishing masterminds because no one in tgere right minds holdd the pole like that

Crystal Holloway

definitly a pie. i cant belive cody jones is losing his own thing

rippen lips tv

God it would hurt so bad getting hit by a hockey puck

Bazaha Bazha

When I was playing fake NFL basketball with my brother, I mostly lost because my stomach really hurt so bad and I felt like I needed to throw up.Right when he handed me the ball, I threw up on him and said, “BRUH WHY DID YOU DID THAT!” (In my thought) Bruh, I just told you really bruh. (Btw how do these guys do this with so many tries, like I can’t even make that many shots. ITS GOING TO BE INFINITY AND BEYOND)

Liu Yuqiang


Harsh Gupta

How did u make a rocket??