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Is anyone ready for a new song to obsess over for the next 5 years?😂💙

jevan maximillian

Arket plese

Huma Mashal

1 like = 111111 billion

Dev Man


Dru Bergman

I feel bad for coby so team coby

i crie evry time I thank of him


If watching in 2019 leave a like

Hulkavegur !

Matthew looks like Spider-Man's friend from Homecoming

Mia Pollak

jaiden animation fans have entered the chat


Poor girl.....!!

pirate skater

Autism is not a disorder it is a learning state i have it to people at my school don't know that i have because i don't act like it

Chilogames 24

Me 8


you miss the megalodon lol

amira asim


Hiro Suzuki

Dudeperfect can you play pubg in mobile

Diya Maria Thomas

Mary: cuts all over her arms

Junior Guillen

so for everything u have to yell like idiots

Josh Gardner

Great vid

Hunter Murray

Who’s watching this on super bowl Sunday 2019

AA Vlogs

Like for ty


I'm depressed, I got all the symptoms but the suicidal one, I tried to tell my family and talk about it, but they didn't care and started yelling at me because they think I'm just asking for attention and trying to waste their money on therapy, I got more depressed and I only find comfort in sleeping and eating a lot, I can't focus in school I always get distracted, I have only 1 friend, my parents said "what do you mean you can't make friends? It's impossible for someone to not make friends" I don't like being social because I have social anxiety and I cannot start a conversation with strangers, I find it hard to talk, I'm a bit fat from eating a lot and I keep judging myself Everytime I look in the mirror, I'm scared that I will end up suiciding one day, i don't know what to do in this situation, my parents refuse to listen to me and help me become my normal self, I'm sorry for the long comment I got no one to talk to about my problems



Zaf Grey

I saw this trailer and thought ‘wow I’m getting a deja vu of frozen 2!’ Then I realized that it’s a second trailer with half of the first trailer in it.... sigh

Heidi Frey

you need to try Nordic skiing


And I thought cramps and migraines were horrible...migraines make me feel sick

TRUTH 5687

Ur a strong wonderful lady u dont deserve this, u dodge a bullet with this man, u can do better

James Osgood

rocket league

Daniel Eaton

the title is what they called me in high school

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Noo i wasnt readdy

t pranks


Brandon Bourque



How can I share my story?

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u forget 1 easter egg

Bessa Gacha's

It makes nit sound so easy...

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I love dp like if you agree

Her: tells YouTube

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5:13 wait till he remembers he won the award for 1st place in a lawnmower race xD