The whole story of Conor Clapton (story 'behind' the tears in heaven)

The footages and pictures belong to the Clapton Family. Aswell as the music.In loving memory of Conor Clapton.So this video tells the whole story of Conor's life and what exactly happened that fatefull day in March 1991. I'm sorry for the bad quality, my sony vegas was acting stupidly.. again. But its about Conor and not about the quality, right? And please learn 'Conor's rule' : never ever leave children alone with an open window.. or in a swimming pool.. in the shopping centre.. or any other place! You never know what can happen, before it's too late.Rest in peace Conor!!SONG: Tears in heavenI do not own the song and the pics/videos.

Joanne Espejo

100,000 likes=Hey, Cory your eyebrows is so authentic.


I love this dude, makes such quality content.

The MTM Box

I saw her clothes and felt like I already knew what was gonna happen

ming che chiang


She must be traumatised

James Carbone

Dude perfect...great job love seguin. Could you do one with crosby or mcdavid


Nice. Clearly real, not impossible.

Jonathan Caldarella

Panda just does a kickflip like no problem at 0:52

donald trumpet

Duh that is a true alabama bro


Didn't hear him call bank ... Doesn't count

Titanium Dragon

So are they crossing over Brave and Moana?

khansa kensa

What a weird mom

The Puds

From nerf guns to real guns

SatisFactory !

Dude perfect lives in Frisco tx .

Yovel Efraim

OMG the assassin creed in witcher 2 was great

Faith The 4th

It took me 3 minutes to realize that her friend is her anxiety

Still love you though


AM I the only one who also has random times where I think the world is communicating to me through a movie or smth. I blamed it on the weed XD

Caleb Kane

totes a real panda no question asked


people will believe anything

Andrew Brockhurst

Watching these guys kick an AFL footy is very painful as an aussie

อาทิตย์ บุญกว้าง



Can someone send me the link to watch howl’s castle?

Jeffy Jeffy

90% = I was born to a 17 year old mother who was only 17 at the time

p e a c h e s a n d c r e a m

another confusing video in YT oof-

To the place I belong

Morris Vink

This is STILL my Fav D.P. vid. :D


Ditto is what comes out when MewTwo sneezes.

Derp Scout

echantments have a blue glow.....

創意工夫Aiko •

I have a similar situation but I still remember my pasts. My mom and her relatives almost killed each other and two of my relatives committed suicide. And whenever I cry, I would shiver a lot for no reason. I’m glad I still live to fulfill my goals, which is helping other people who used to be in situations similar to mine

ꜱᴇɪꜰᴇʀ ᴀʟᴍᴀꜱʏ

Remastered shit

Weird Tate 99


Max Purcell

Holy shit she’s a champ

plunger trick shots😂👌

Maxpein Delvalle

my favorite shot was dribbling shoot in the air

ieman haqeem daud

4 corner smash


Damn. I was really hoping this would be canon.

Harry Usher

They constantly try until they get it perfect so

Rb Smith

I’ve heard about this issue anywhere...... That boy doesn’t care about her he just want her naked pictures so, he could show other boys.... You know how to be popular and that boy got upset. She is NOT responsible for his problem. Very juvenile behavior.

Дмитрий Баженов

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Me: I think I’m dying

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Matthew Moses

Come to Africa again but this time to south Africa

I know for sure by own experience, i got Depression and Mental Exhaustion.

Slater Destroyer

You guys should do hockey trick shots or hockey stereotypes