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Abdiel Sanchez

Tony and Eddie on a Joe Rogan podcast!!! Make it happen 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽


Britney Miracle

If dude perfect was in the basketball Campionchip they would of won they never Miss a shot


THE BEST ONE WAS THE GILLIGANS ISLAND sry for caps didn't notice it till done plz just excuse it

Farell Lakusa

Merry cristmas

Luciano Dagna


Dicelo Bacares

kawhi is more than kd ..1st he defeat lebron ,,2nd is steph curry and now who is the next ??

1 eel


Aloisio Soares Senra

McD won.



Brian Bommarito

The pilot who was killed was named Tim McCormack (sorry if the last name is spelt wrong). According to his boss, he was an experienced pilot. They don’t know yet what could’ve gone wrong. It was NOT a deliberate act of terrorism. It was an accident. The weather was bad, and he was trying to perform an emergency landing after sending out a distress call. My sincere condolences to his family and friends. Right now, it appears he is the only casualty of the crash.

Cat and Kitty

Now I know not to complain about my period unless it's for 5 months as well


Wowo.. don"t make a brighter future it might kill you.

Ducks are Watching

How do I get to nuke town 2025 for the arcade easter egg


While you're watching T.V. and there is enemy's at the door they sit down by the couch and say Holy shit.



Brock Wuest

2020 anybody

LSB Dylan


Family Shimmin

I think i have a curse Accounting for

CanadianWatcher 693



Thank you Paul for saving the universe :)

D-Dizzle _

Most of them didn't work for me.

Little break from the shows and the bus rides, yeah

Miracle Mythical

Wait wait wait wait, guys in 1:41 you can see a giant monster or whatever that is on the back right?I was thinking that thing was Marshmellow (Elsa's ice castle guard) lol

MaLeah Bouch

23:20 my godddddd

Carolina Leyla

There is something called I phone number so 😑

Misty Dawn

To be honest the "jerk" did nothing

Erl Vincent Taytayon

74 score

#JasehDwayneRicardoOnfroy is Proud of You.


Android is way better than iphone

Mohamed Adnan

So old people😘

Potato Life

i knew he died from the photo it’s so cliche but sad 😭😭

foca foxxi

I thought the title meant to help cheat on a test😂

Emanuele Borghini

The last one is freakin' awesome

Blank Slate

If ww3 happens then who we’ll be the one to fire first

Bulbalover 14


Kalyn Brown

Happy birthday marble

michael malfeo

I am guessing that you where at a airport

Adam Hallam

Do you no Crazydavidx?



Is sad about hair

Nicky Micky

The girl seems like she's about to cry 😟

Karna yg membuat rekreasi kyk gini susah

Derek Morales


Lil Stickz

its Gucci

arjun simkhada

0:37 to 0:45 what did cory and cody saidfirst we wantto get him out of herecod's sayingthen we're safe here with him cor's saying

Katherin Ruiz

Que tristeza ver esa música

Logan Bishop

What if the cats name was comment below