The rise and fall of the Byzantine Empire - Leonora Neville

Check out our Patreon page: full lesson: history books will tell you that the Roman Empire fell in the fifth century CE, but this would’ve come as a surprise to the millions who lived in the Roman Empire through the Middle Ages. This Medieval Roman Empire, today called the Byzantine Empire, began when Constantine, the first Christian emperor, moved Rome's capital. Leonora Neville details the rise and fall of the Byzantine Empire. Lesson by Leonora Neville, animation by Remus & Kiki.Thank you so much to our patrons for your support! Without you this video would not be possible! Abhijit Kiran Valluri, Mandeep Singh, Sama aafghani, Vinicius Lhullier, Connor Wytko, Marylise CHAUFFETON, Marvin Vizuett, Jayant Sahewal, Quinn Shen, Caleb ross, Elnathan Joshua Bangayan, Gaurav Rana, Mullaiarasu Sundaramurthy, Jose Henrique Leopoldo e Silva, Dan Paterniti, Jose Schroeder, Jerome Froelich, Tyler Yoshizumi, Martin Stephen, Justin Carpani, Faiza Imtiaz, Khalifa Alhulail, Tejas Dc, Govind Shukla, Srikote Naewchampa, Ex Foedus, Sage Curie, Exal Enrique Cisneros Tuch, Vignan Velivela, Ahmad Hyari, A Hundred Years, eden sher, Travis Wehrman, Minh Tran, Louisa Lee, Kiara Taylor, Hoang Viet, Nathan A. Wright, Jast3 , Аркадий Скайуокер, Milad Mostafavi, Singh Devesh Sourabh, Ashley Maldonado, Clarence E. Harper Jr., Bojana Golubovic, Mihail Radu Pantilimon, Sarah Yaghi, Benedict Chuah, Karthik Cherala, haventfiguredout, Violeta Cervantes, Elaine Fitzpatrick, Lyn-z Schulte, cnorahs, Henrique 'Sorín' Cassús, Tim Robinson, Jun Cai, Paul Schneider, Amber Wood, Ophelia Gibson Best, and Cas Jamieson.

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