The Om Nom Finger Family Song | Nursery Rhymes and 3D Baby Songs for Children by Om Nom!

Om Nom along with his best friend Om Nelle are now entering the magical world of learning where every day they learn something new about shapes, colors, numbers and more! Come along kids and join your ever favorite #OmNom in this new and exclusive #cartoon collection of #LearningWithOmNom! Don’t forget to subscribe: watch more of our videos click on the following links:Learn Colors with Om Nom Face Painting:Colors with Soccer Balls Xylophone:Numbers and Colors with Underwater Sea Animals:Nom Arts and Crafts:

Jason Highsmith



obvious troll is obvious


So they’re polyamorous

lit braydon


you peed your self

blackpink islyfe

I waited.... and waited the plot twist in the story. But it's on the title .me like ok :)

Matt Simmons

Saying we have watched this one 10 times. It’s still very very funny. Hahha. Excellent work.Love it

Daniel Camafort

Ok so why culdnt you do this with FF7 you had to make it fucking episodic and start yo change shit up. You are going to hit a fucking wall with that shit

Jazmin A

I’m thinking ima be thinking bout the release day on ur palette more than my fathers birthday

E.T. Carr

We ALL need a Halle Berry in our lives.

Maddox Blackwell

Over the tree


This is where I get my music from

FaZe ToXic

We all know Tyler was mad because he lost his favorite hook right?

Butter OnToast

Lol Rage Monster always makes me laugh

Louis Napolitano

Holy shit, babyish John and roy. DAMN SON

Duncan Henderson

But in the anime ditto also turns into a canon even though there is no canon to be found.


If you go to the last chaper, Epilogue, go to Ellie's Backpack before the ending cutscene, you can find comics, joke books, her switchblade and most importantly, Riley's Pendant. Since Riley will be in the new DLC for the game, it's most likely a hint towards the upcoming DLC, we just didn't find it quick enough.


more action yay!


Anyone watching in 2020?

Carla Travis

The way it sounds when one of the twins (I can’t tell them apart still 🤦🏿‍♂️) says hotdog

Robert Strada

Please tell me what songs playing at 8:30

Leon K

He runs fast liekabitch xD

Elena Perraki Manalachioae

5:39 Is is Ranpuzel??😅😅

Gamer Adan

Air control tower shot

Dalyn Baker

Hey did you guys like it in Oklahoma


YouTube didn't tell me you uploaded, I just had a feeling. Happy New Year, and keep up the great work, your videos are always enjoyable, lovely eye candy!

adam naayeme

Go USA even though I'm canadian


You used too low of a percentage of hydrogen peroxide. That is why the elephant toothpaste didn't work.

Sskkrt -

The one where he blocks it that would be goaltending so it would still count

🍍Maky Lee🥔

Why am I crying 😭

Dragon Defeater

Atleast this is not howtobasic howtobasic:Puts slot of noodles

Kapkan Main

there's one you forgot where the director of the daily bugle (don't know his name) and says "this isn't 1940, people don't read newspapers no more" and 1940 was when the first issue of Superman came out!


What about the rolls?


10 years later... cewl YT doesn’t recommend the newest videos only videos that kids who play fortnite now were just born

Gourmet Slimes

I admire Kylie so much, I feel like everyone judges people for being rich but Kylie has worked so hard to grow her business. 💖💓💕💗

Tia Melancholy

10 seconds in I already know it's a douchebag.

Cool dude World

I was bullied before and i didn't care besides all my bully knows that im very good at martial arts...and they're scared to physically attack me...

(Btw I’m a underrated console player)

Crissy samuels

This was too funny.


Sibi Cool

Frozen 1 trailer: Funny. Frozen 2 trailer: So dark that it competes DC.