The Moment Bob Lazar Knew He Was Dealing with Something Alien | Joe Rogan

Taken from JRE #1315 w/Bob Lazar:

iProsty Gamer XXX Channel

I remember when these were popular

Psyconaught Gaming

i'm like "erh ma gurd MineCraft" but it's Boarderlands

99%- hIs hAiR iS SuPPoSeD t0 BEee fLiPPin' RED

Me: opens truck

Men’s Of Mayhem

They should do Skateboarding Stereotype

Nicholas Hebert

anyone watching when Greg Zuerlein just made a 53 yard field goal in the super bowl

Ben B

I love panda!

jonah valentine


A Korean :)

Why is it blue



I cant even imagine my life without my mom and grandma


Sub to me

TØP 50

Bem louco


What’s up with Tyler and putting ping pong balls in his mouth?😂

Suranji Vithanage


Keegan Barger

Y’all need to do a Prison break stereotypes video

Maggie Inc.

Go ty I love you ty

Harry Byrne

4-5 seconds of shot, 14-13 seconds of celebration lol

Bradley Ducote

Do a South Park stick of truth Easter eggs and references episode

nessa enomoto

Yeh ywXtThe ijhhmnn

random people : Do nazis weared adidas?

Stefano Vink

they should get f2freestylers

Royal Adam

I beat Last of Us twice & I never spotted a single Easter Egg & I think because I was too focus on my surroundings. Thank you for the clip!

Jimmy,time to go to school

andrew hurst

Panda is one of the teu s because I watched a older vid and one of the twins were missing and panda was there


5:02Anyone see the dope panda pic in the background

Aditya Dogra


cookie_ gacha gamer

Go mow hak !!!!!! ^_^


Boy: send pics


Omg, the fixing Woody scene in ToyStory needs to be in thisss❤️❤️❤️

Pranav Kumar Jha

It's amazing to see that comment box is full of memes right now

Heather Z



That ending 😭

Adam Isaacs

1:46 Rip waiter

Cephalon Lost


Cinyit -


John Donald


John Lindsay

Thumbs up if you ordered a Crazy Cheesy crust pizza from Pizza Hut after this! 

Cynthia Utti

The evil laugh maybe means tower of terror the Disney ride

Rachel Stark


Jesus Dominguez

I am not joking but I'm and I was 😢 im so sorry but just remember God is always with you don't be angry we love u and we are here for you "please God have mercy for her parents and please help her Amen"😞😔👍💕💖💞


I am mario


How is 120 FPS a frame rate that is never seen before?!......... Or............. you can just build your own PC for less money, and not be limited to JUST 120 FPS.

oh wait wrong one


La pièce est à côté de la tirelire

Jacob Jackson

I think he parked bedroom then like 90% of the United States

Leaves girl again

erin main

this is also peer pressure which must’ve sucked

Gacha Phoenix

Oh sorry if I'm late happy 1M subscribers😊😊

Zeenat Ullah

I love that Ubisoft are releasing a bunch of games in 2020 😁

Creamyreemy 1

Aweeee blesss u gorgeous I rlly want to meet u sweetheart xx

Majestic Nerd

This art is so amazing!! I don’t know who drew this but oh my gosh it the best art I’ve ever seen!!!!

Why You Gaming

Anyone 2034?

Jack Hernandez

bro nice job u are an insanley awesome esater egg hunter keep it up

Kage rage

Stay strong never give up I learn that from naruto


That's why it's HIS top 10. Not anyone else's...



FBI: F . B . I open up!!!!!

Doga Beyazit

I usually get panic attack when I’m crying hard and very sad.

Jovan Mladenovic

I am from Serbia.

Bob Bobber

How in the world is this vid a battle


This is proof that positivity and believing in yourself will make your dreams come true

jaspreet birla

Virat kohli

Đào Quốc Hưng

I wish this was in the movie