The Isotropic Vector Matrix - Nassim Haramein ( Abstract from Cognos 2010 conference)

July 21, 2018 - Next Nassim Haramein conference in Barcelona, available in person and Live Online Streaming.Subscribe to the Streaming Here: your tickets Barcelona: video is an excerpt of Part 4 of the conference in Cognos Nassim Haramein 2010 which shows spectacular animations Isotropic Vector Matrix based on the research of R. Buckminster Fuller and complemented by Nassim Haramein where we see graphically and clear how geometry is displayed and how it connects with Nassim investigations on the structure of the vacuum.LINK TO THIS VIDEO IN ENGLISH ... Full Conference :Part 1 2 3 4 to our youtube channel : our website and sign up for the mailing list: Haramein - Cognos 2010 -Nassim is a self-taught theoretical physicist who made ​​one of the most amazing physics theories of unification that exist today . Unification theories are theories that attempt to unify the physical explanations of the small ( atomic level ) and large ( cosmological level ) ... but the theory of Nassim has managed to explain more.His theory describes the structure and dynamics of what constitutes 99.99999999999 % of what we see out there ... space .. empty . According to science , the vacuum is not empty .. it's full of energy ... endlessly energetic. And because this " infinitez " infinitely annoying , scientists decided renormalizarla (as Haramein what we try to do them all in school .. with varying success ... obviously decided to give a finite value to infinitez and with that calculation , Nassim has re- developed a whole theory supplementing the Einstein field equations , giving your first result , the condition of Schwardzchild or a black hole, all rotational dynamics , coriolis and gyroscopic effects other given at any system, which obviously vary notions of what we understood as reality, extending it to a reality in which all objects to be enjoyed , thanks to black holes or wells .. attraction and creation of infinity of sizes, held in place and create everything that exists , from an atom to a human being, a planet, a star, a galaxy or certainly to own universe .. because, it seems , everything looks like same image fractal autorrecurrente , learning and experiencing itself ...Just compress extensísima entire theory in a paragraph ... but for you to understand us , which seems to have found , is the structure and the dynamics of movement and performance, which , to our knowledge , seems to contain an infinite number of energy ... the empty space .. thanks .. and it has finally understood the great escapee ... gravity equation .Gravity is only the attractive force generated by black holes, plenty of sizes present in any system ... we call this system an atom, a person , a planet , a star, or a galaxy , which while generating an attractive force to keep the system in place , as any action there is an equal and opposite reaction , also generate all the energy that subsequently call matter and we can see with the naked eye and experience with our senses .-------------------------------------------------and Editing: :


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