The Hillsborough Stadium Disaster

last moments of Victoria and Sara Hicks. (Video 3:05min)Eye witness accounts of the gates being opened and police tryingto push people back into the crowd, as well as the sad deaths witnessed.2016 New Verdict announcement.profiles of all the victims.

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hasbi Aqila


LJSmyth 05

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Hyper Brooody

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Rockabilly Rumble

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And the truth is I have no idea! I really wanna know! I want someone to tell me! I want to know who I used to be. I want to know why she was apparently...better. I want to remember being 7 and 8 years old. But no one knows what happened...


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Jacket Hm

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You escaped from your country but that was fake you aren't born at North Korea and this is fake and this is clickbait there's nothing about this video! Your born in USA Liar!

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idc about my moms opinion, I overwork myself, but not to make my mom proud but my best friend, he constantly supports me, when I got a C in German class he said its ok ,however my mom yelled at me.. I don't wanna be like my mom at all..

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Emanuel Gottig

I was going to comment how you missed the oportunity to try to jump in that haypile in R6S (disclaimer: never played it, don't know if you can jump there) but I'm using this comment to tell you how well done that last bit was made, 'grats Guru!

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