The Green Energy's Secret? - Breath of the Wild Sequel Theory

What is the green magic found in Breath of the Wild 2's trailer?►Follow me on Twitter! Instagram: @zeltikinsta► Music in this video:NintendoZREOHoopsandHipHop: Discord Link: Patreon: Intro music by: you to my amazing Patreon supporters:Andrew Lindberg, Scott Crim, Nick Goodman, Charley Sjerps, Torrey Easter, Malina Workman, Cameron Bryant, Kristian Skjellet, Liam Timoney, Tito Saenz, Joshua Bock, Lux Pro, desmond paul james o'neill, Tram Tran, Rusty Caufield, Frankie Nolan, Andrew D Wood, Alex Polanoc, Lina Derevyanko, Daniel Newton#Zelda #BreathoftheWild2 #LegendofZelda

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I thought Han was gonna be reformed? guess he can’t be in the trailer or else the secrets ruined!!

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The sword in the hand also changes depending on your level. higher the level, the more powerful the sword. ( note that if you want a more powerful sword, you can NOT pick it up when you first run into it.)

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Also no matter how many times I watch the Jango clip I don't see him hitting his head... It looks like he just ducks...

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