The Green Energy's Secret? - Breath of the Wild Sequel Theory

What is the green magic found in Breath of the Wild 2's trailer?►Follow me on Twitter! Instagram: @zeltikinsta► Music in this video:NintendoZREOHoopsandHipHop: Discord Link: Patreon: Intro music by: you to my amazing Patreon supporters:Andrew Lindberg, Scott Crim, Nick Goodman, Charley Sjerps, Torrey Easter, Malina Workman, Cameron Bryant, Kristian Skjellet, Liam Timoney, Tito Saenz, Joshua Bock, Lux Pro, desmond paul james o'neill, Tram Tran, Rusty Caufield, Frankie Nolan, Andrew D Wood, Alex Polanoc, Lina Derevyanko, Daniel Newton#Zelda #BreathoftheWild2 #LegendofZelda

pulls out gun

maine bungcayao

3:23 the ping pong noise like a song lol


What the fuck

Also me:Guuurl ya nasty


That shanty reminds me of the song no role models. Well, just the leave her part.

Ivan Castillo

what program do you use to edit your videos? and what font is that you use for the title of the episode at 0:09?

Samuel H.

in Ori, the forlorn ruins holds a secret super meat boy easter egg in the forground, I found this egg myself but I'm sure others have found it

BippityBopityBoo FairygodSnot

I looked it up, and there was a news video! It talked about an old woman who had a surgery that worked to get rid of it. Maybe that news would help... I don't know.

Hannah Hougaard Bagge

ive got a little OCD not so it an be that dangerus buti sometimes do wierd stuff without ny reason like if i go out of a room sometimes i turn of the light and then turn them again like maybe just 2 or 3 but its not that often i do OCD stuff often but not something that looks suspicious but i still do it no one notice it

The Duck

Coby wins no question ask so come coby

Matthew Wang

5:38 I thought he threw the turtle. XD


YouTube : how much do you want them confused Frozen : YES

lars den Heijer

Half life 3 confirmed



Curtis Mullowney

bank shot.....

L . T . B

You spelled cod wrong

mister trap

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Andrea Sardo

Coby 🏆🥇Yyler🥉

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O hai Mark

I can't believe I'm excited for a frozen movie. This looks badass


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Mizz Murple

Seven Eleven has left the chat.

Crow Gaming

2012 anyone?

Spartan 2112 Beasts

Coby dropped the ball in the intro

Robby Tressler

Anyone notice that Tyler and Cody are ALWAYS in the finale of the battles? Rigged af lol. Kinda sucks Cory and Coby never win anything

mgl wulf

Are you still doing References Like Video Games References To Game Of Throne


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Christian Sakai

Bro don't forget me when you are famous!

Austin Aumiller

Idea #9 should be a commercial!


I fcking love you Guru. Hardest workin creator i know. Keep up the fantastic work! <3

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KevRonin96 YT

Great video as always. Does anyone know what set of armor Geralt is using in the video ?

Jade Luna

❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ i love you guyssss!!!

Chacha MINt forYoongi

I still don't get it, part 2So guess who's going on the premiere? ME!See how these promotions are working. Confusion is the key. 🤣🤣

rob pierce

pffft not so great


Dudes you should make a video with Stefin cerry

John Pickett


Arianna Gacha530

Garret is barely ever in fishing videos 😂

quality bleach

The only good easter Eggs are the occasions where the game isn't fucked.