The Four Ways To Achieve Anything - Alan Watts

fatimah anwaar

I know that girls should go to school but during high school their body parts are over sexualized by a bunch of F-boys and the teachers blame the girls for their clothing


I loved that one part with the technical difficulties I laughed so hard

Abandoned Channel

Her eyes make me wanna explode-

fabricio gonçalves

Meu deus isso e muito perfeito <3 <3 <3

Dnyla Mew

Sorry but I think you stunts are not real but my sister said that I said they just trainso I believe in you she doesn’t but I do keep it up

Alicia Coelho


Emily Ann

It's Super Bowl game day! And here I am!Edit 2 boring days later: I'm more for the commercials. Especially after the game we had the burden to watch

Just Hekla

Why don’t you maybe try and adopt a baby??❤️❤️

Stochenburg’s Only private thing

Oh and she is a smocker and is not smart enough to quit smoking

Luisa Marchese

Dallas Starssuck

Aiden Trevino

Hi guru


Your eyes look beautiful today, can you please let me know what you used.


maiq the liar is not an easter egg bethesta purposely put him in skyrim for fans

Clara Lugo

Todo lo que asen es extremo

Raihan Adithya

How do you make this?

H & A’s


William Rich

Omg 7 years ago😲

I Am a Dirty Bird

Damn looks like Pete Carroll should have thrown that football in Super Bowl 49...

Murali Mugundan

My friend is Tyler

Arian Duraku

sabrina looks like sansa stark

Zacksterboy 1234

I am so happy for this channel man the subscribes is growing and that is how it should be

Tareq Al-Mulhem

1:58 I did not hear him say there is a bucket in my head i just hear there is a f#!?ing in my head like if you agree


The mountain shot didn't look like it was going it.


I'd kill my self

Davion Cooper

Guilermo is a LEGEND..

Mc content

this girl has my life and my friends life we talk even worse to eachother (we make jokes we dont mean it)