the media whores

But for a public who still believe the "news" they read and hear and watch is even remotely related to "the truth allow me to burst that bubble.
After that huge fizzle, the now-desperate get-Trump cabal trotted out the über-corrupt head of the FBI, James Comey, who astonishingly admitted that he used a Columbia professor to plant an article in the New York Times so President Trump would be forced to see plenty of you tonight!Feelgood at king tuts, Glasgow.I don't boy escort jakarta have to guess about the, ahem, contributions made to the poseurs who call themselves Republicans, but who we now know are really in the thrall of anyone who puts money into their bottomless pockets.CBS (Showtime, Smithsonian Channel, m, Jeopardy, 60 Minutes,.).But the question still remains: Why the ferocity against President Trump?Paying THE whores, what we've been witnessing since June of 2015, when billionaire real-estate mogul and TV celebrity Donald Trump announced for the presidency, is a three-part phenomenon.The (dispensable) media whores have had zero effect on President Trump's performance or his continuing popularity with the American public, as attested to by the huge and enthusiastic audiences he attracts wherever he goes.11 In early 2004, the site was noted for having encouraged bloggers to create "watchblogs" that would dog the every move of individual reporters or conservative pundits.After all, why would anyone go into a notoriously low-paying profession if he or she was not at heart an idealist?Wide-Eyed idealist and.But hope you saved a few pennies for this gig and are ready to get back into going out to see hard working, travelling bands!And the fact that the entire media establishment, for all their blitz-like attacks, have not dented his energy and resolve, or the respect of our nation's citizens, is clearly too much for them to take.They include: GE (Comcast, NBC, Universal Pictures, Focus Features,.).August 31, 2018, august 31, 2018, august 31, 2018, august 31, 2018, august 31, 2018, august 30, 2018.socialized medicine, open borders, sanctuary cities, high taxes, a nanny government,.
12 local sex app uk A The New Yorker profile of Al Gore by David Remnick noted that m was bookmarked on the former Vice President's laptop.
MWO began emphasizing politeness after the incident.

A converse feature was a standing " Media in Exile" list of reporters and others that MWO deemed to "uphold the standards of journalism." Corresponding with Eric Alterman, MWO called its strategy "mimicking the tactics of the wingnuts calling it an "easy" standard to uphold.Not just talking orders, but word-for-word memes, which is why no matter which lefty network or cable show you turn to, they're all using the same vocabulary, expressions, key words.Viacom (MTV, Nick., BET, CMT, Paramount Pictures,.).Chris Matthews drinking game.But objectivity has never been part of the media whores' repertoire, only slavish obeisance to their bosses.Why the fanatical mission to depose him from office, to bring him down?8 9 MWO had always linked directly to Bartcop's site and an essay of his, The Myth of the "liberal" media, 10 as a kind of mission statement.Today, vis-à-vis Hurricane Harvey, the buzz word is the "empathy" that President Trump supposedly lacks this in spite of an entire nation watching the people of Houston embrace and thank him.NewsCorp (Fox, Wall Street Journal, New York Post,.).Some are attracted to the "profession" because they are news junkies and want to be where the political action.JennyQ, has never been publicly identified.
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But big ideas, like the notion of a diminishing America, are never successful without the full-time help of a media that is run by ta-da the globalists themselves!
Every "news" report for naught.
As ace journalist Ashley Lutz scrupulously documented in a Business Insider report last year, in 1983 there were 50 media companies, but today only six organizations are now responsible for 90 percent of all the "news" we read, watch, and listen to!